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We attempt to list all turbines over 30m (100 ft), but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is due to the numbers of applications coming forward, fuelled by the very large subsidies paid under the Feed-in Tariff system of subsidies, which are paid from electricity bills.

Many of these applications are not advertised and are often quickly decided by a planning officer under delegated powers, rather than by a democratically accountable planning committee. Many are now decided without an Environmental Impact Assessment.




Small/domestic turbines up to c. 30.5m (100 ft) in height are not recorded.


Where available, the Generator ID of operating schemes is quoted, with a link to the Renewable Energy Foundation’s Large Scale Renewable Generators database. This gives official figures for outputs and achieved load factors.


Schemes of 50MW capacity or over - even if they would only produce a fraction of this amount in operation - are determined by a government minister according to Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 (or the equivalent Section 57 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997). This was originally intended as a mechanism for major projects that were considered to be in the national interest. It is questionable whether it was intended as a mechanism for developers to try and sideline the local democratic planning process with wind power projects having a theoretical maximum capacity of just over 50MW, and which would produce as little as 20% to 30% of that headline capacity in operation.

Some developers regard Section 36 applications as standing more chance - they are, after all, being decided by a Minister who is also responsible for implementing current energy policy - than would smaller schemes with local planners who are more inclined to reflect the concerns of their local communities and the local economy. A public inquiry can be triggered by the formal objection of a local planning authority, but the developers know very well that cash-strapped local authorities and poorly funded community groups are then forced to find large sums of money in order to secure legal and expert representation. At the end of the day, the Secretary of State can, but seldom does, override an inspector’s recommendation.


Screening’ = preliminary, informal consultation with planning authority on prospects for an application and whether an whether a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or more limited Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) would be required for an application.
Scoping’ = more formal pre-application consultation with planning authority on the scope of an application: which consultees should be approached and the planning authority’s specific requirements for an EIA and/or VIA.
Proposal of Application Notice (PAN)’ = the Scottish Government has requires 12 weeks of pre-application public consultation (PAC) before a major planning application is lodged. A PAN starts the clock on this process.
Live Application’ = planning application submitted.
Appealed’ = proposals may be appealed by the applicant after refusal or for ‘non-determination’, when the applicant decides to trigger an appeal because the local planning authority has not determined the application within the prescribed time period (normally 12 weeks). Objectors have no right of appeal if a decision is approved, they can only seek to overturn the decision by going to the High Court (in England) to seek a judicial review of the decision on procedural grounds. Appeals may be heard by written submission, public hearings or a full-blown public inquiry.
Called in/Recovered’ = decision removed from a Planning Inspector to the Secretary of State, or Scottish equivalent. There are a number of reasons set out for this action (see here).
PI’ = Public Inquiry; quasi-judicial hearing to examine the application before a Planning Inspector (‘Reporter’ in Scotland). For Section 36 schemes, an objection from a LPA is needed to trigger a PI.
LPA’ = Local Planning Authority.
NYD’ = Not yet determined.

Rejected and lapsed/withdrawn proposals are included below because, even after refusal, locally or at appeal, they can reappear in slightly amended form as re-submissions. Wind developers are notoriously unwilling to take no for an answer when they have spent some money on a proposal. These sites also indicate areas of developer interest.

Title colours match application status: orange - scoping/pre-planning; red - in planning (applied/appealed); green - approved; black - operating; grey - refused, withdrawn, lapsed etc.; a blue background signifies offshore schemes which are not counted in regional capacity targets.




(See also: Northumberland County Council - Wind Farm Developments)

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Adderstone Lowmill Farm Nr. Lucker
(E413311 N630749)
1 48.01m 0.225MW 0.225MW Earthmill for Mr Hugh Harvey Application refused
NCC Planning Ref. 14/02478/RENE.
Close to A1. Endurance X-29 turbine proposed.
Aesica Pharmaceuticals Cramlington 2 110m. 2.5MW 5MW Refused.
Appeal withdrawn.
Applied 5/06 for two 140m turbines (06/00275/ful). Rejected 15.8.06, radar impacts
(Newcastle Airport).
Re-applied 8/06, two 110m turbines (06/00384/res). Permission refused. Appeal lodged, withdrawn before the hearing.
Avery Dennison, Cramlington Nelson Way, Nelson Industrial Estate, Cramlington
(E425747 N578210)
3 60m 0.5MW 1.5MW Avery Dennison Pre-application
NCC Ref. 15/01972/SCREEN.
Screening opinion 13/07/2015.
Delegated decision proposed.
Windflow 500kW turbines proposed.
Barmoor Nr. Lowick
6 110m 2MW 12MW EDF Operational
Refused by LPA (27/03/08). Appealed; decision recovered by SoS; joint PI with Moorsyde and Toft Hill, May-June 2009. Approved by SoS (20/01/10), following Inspector’s recommendation. (Decision letter).
Duke Energy (US) and Statkraft (Norway) acquired from developers Force 9. Sold to EDF (France), March 2014.
Danish Vestas V90 2MW Gridstreamer turbines, Spanish blades and towers.
Barmoor - Generator ID: R00350RQEN G02590NWEN.
Battle Bridge Nr Edlingham
(E412484 N512045)
1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Investments Not progressed
50m anem. mast approved 07/08/2012, (12/01712/FUL).
Turnkey scheme. Enercon E44 turbine likely.
Bavington Mount Nr. Hallington 1 61m 0.5MW 0.5MW Neo Environmental for Mr John Hogg Consented
NCC Planning Ref. 12/03229/RENE .
Belford Burn Nr. Belford
9 100m 2.5MW 22.5MW Energiekontor Refused
Unanimous refusal following officer recommendation.
NCC Planning Ref. 13/02050/RENEIA.
Energiekontor have not appealed the decision.
Response Group: Middleton Burn Action Group (MBAG).
Bellridge Farm Land West of Harrogate Hil, Nr. Ingoe, Matfen. 1 34m 0.06MW 0.06MW Neo Environmental for Mr John Maughan Delegated consent
NCC Ref. 15/01417/RENE.
Tozzi Nord Victory 24-60 turbine.
‘Berwick’ ca. 1.5 km. N. of Halidon Hill 7 120m. 2MW 14MW RES
(not listed on website)
Not progressed
Berwick - Steps of Grace/Folly Farm North of Ramparts Business Park (NT 986555). 1 74m. 0.5MW (‘de-rated’ from 0.8MW) 0.5MW (‘de-rated’ from 0.8MW) Berwick Community Energy Ltd Operating.
Turbine ‘de-rated’ from 0.8MW to get higher FiT payment.
NCC Planning Ref. C/10/00084/REN.
Enercon E48 turbine.
‘Community turbine’: “Berwick’s Community Wind Turbine — using the power of the wind to supply an income for our Community.” (Brochure headline). Forecast income reduced from 4m to 2.3m after refinancing, now 60% community owned.
Berwick community energy - Generator ID (FiT): G02392NWEN.
Berwick - Ramparts Business Park Ramparts Business Park 1 25m. 0.025MW 0.025MW Maden Design and Build Operational
(Autumn 2015)
Appl. Ref. 12/01116/VARYCO.
Variation sought on previous consent (10/B/0419) to replace 31.5m Hannevind (Co. bankrupt) with 32m Endurance E3120 turbine.
25m Danish Solid Wind Power turbine eventually built.
‘Bewick Drift’ Lynemouth
1 operating (of 3) 132m (prev. 110m) 2.3MW 6.9MW UK Coal 1 operational
Consent varied to allow Enercon E82 turbine instead of Clipper turbine.
Consent previously varied to allow larger, 130m, Clipper Windpower ‘Liberty’ turbine. Subsequently increased again to 132m (C/11/00002/NMA).
One turbine (T3) to be built in the first instance as there are, “outstanding geological and coastal erosion issues associated with turbines T1 and T2” (Officer’s report).
Black Heddon Farmhouse Nr. Black Heddon 1 46.3m 0.055MW 0.055MW Earthmill for Mr Richard Leiper Delegated Consent
NCC Planning Ref. 13/02652/RENE.
Endurance E-3120 turbine.
Blue Sky
See ‘North Steads’
Blyth Golf Course Nr. Blyth
(E429062 N580193)
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Waddell Armstrong for Mr David Armstrong Pre-application
Screening application 13/03906/SCREEN (20/12/2013).
Blyth Harbour
9 42.5m. 0.3MW 2.7MW Hainsford Developments (Blyth Harbour) Ltd. Repowering 09/2012-
WindMaster turbines, 1993-2011.
Probably UK’s least productive WF.
Turbines removed, repowering consented (see below).
Blyth Harbour [Old Scheme & repowering] - Generator ID: R00062RQEN.
Blyth Harbour - Repowering Blyth
7 (1 built) 130m 3.4MW 23.8MW Hainsford Energy 1 operational
Delegated consent to increase height turbines to 130m (March 2011).
Proposed 5MW turbine dropped after failure of Clipper’s ‘Britannia project’.
One REpower 3.4 M104 installed.
Noise problems reported.
Blyth Harbour [Old Scheme & repowering] - Generator ID: R00062RQEN.
Blyth Offshore Nr. Blyth
2 93m. 1.8 & 2MW 3.8MW Project Consortium.
Sold to E.ON UK June 2007.
Commissioned 2000.
U/S 04.06 - 01.09
‘Demonstration project’ built with unspecified financial support from the EU Thermie Programme.
Blade accident on WTG 1, Jan. 2002.
Out of service from April 2006 until January 2009 (cable damage).
Blyth Offshore WTG 1 - Generator ID: R00001RPEN.
Blyth Offshore WTG 2 - Generator ID: R00002RPEN.
Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project 2 “Approx. 5.6km from Blyth” 5 up to 195m 8.3MW 41.5MW. Total: “up to 100MW” for NAREC 2,3 &4. EDF. Under construction (06/2016)
Consented by Marine Management Organisation (MMO). EDF Energy have announced that onshore construction work for the project has begun and offshore work will start in 2017 to install the first 5 turbines.
Stage 1 will use turbines manufactured and installed by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, a joint enterprise between Danish-owned Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Japanese-owned Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project 3a “Approx. 7km from Newbiggin” up to 5 up to 195m Total “up to 100MW” for NAREC 2,3 &4. EDF. Consented
Consented by Marine Management Organisation (MMO), March, 2012.
Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project 3b “Approx. 13km from Blyth” up to 5 up to 195m Total “up to 100MW” for NAREC 2,3 &4. EDF. Consented
Consented by Marine Management Organisation (MMO).
Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project 4 “Approx. 14km from Blyth” up to 5 up to 195m “up to 100MW” for NAREC 2,3 &4. EDF. Consented
Consented by Marine Management Organisation (MMO).
Blyth Sewage Treatment Works, Kitty Brewster Industrial Estate Blyth 1 125m N/A N/A Wind Prospect Not progressed
Screened 04/10/2010. NCC Ref. 10/00059/PREAPP (Not published).
Bogshield Farm Nr. Birtley 1 100m N/A N/A Pre-application
Screening application 13/02037/SCREEN (08/07/2013).
Boundary Lane Nr. Whittonstall 3 115m* 2MW 6MW EDF Operational
Consented 17/02/11. Consent varied, incr. ht to 115m from 110m.
NCC Application No. 09/00092/CCMEIA.
You Tube video.
Generator ID: R00295RQEN.
Brackenside Nr. Lowick 1 47.1m. 0.1MW 0.1MW GF White for Mr John Barber Consent quashed by High Court
Consent quashed by High Court for third time after judicial review.
NCC Planning Ref. 11/02217/FUL.
The planning authority has repeatedly failed to properly address the planning history of the site and the noise issues in cumulation with Barmoor.
Bridge Mill Nr. Haggerston
(E402932 N644212)
1 46m. 0.05MW 0.05MW GF White for Messrs D T Wright Operating
Consented 11/06/12, delegated decision.
NCC Planning Ref. 11/03277/RENE .
Endurance E-3120 turbine.
The Brocks Nr. Longhirst 1 77.9m 0.5MW 0.5MW Not progressed
NCC screening opinion (11/00814/PREAPP).
Burnt House Farm Nr. Bedlington 1 77m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Engena Ltd for Mr A Rutherford Application withdrawn
MOD and Newcastle Airport objections on radar impacts. NCC Planning Ref. 13/01899/RENE.
EWT DW54 turbine proposed.
Buteland Nr. Bellingham
(389100 581400)
1 63.5m 0.5MW 0.5MW Eska Energy for Landowner Application withdrawn
NCC Ref. 12/03186/RENE.
Vestas V47 turbine proposed.
Nr. Longhirst 9 125m. 2.3MW 20.7MW RES, not on website Pre-application
(aka ‘Bluberry Wood’). Next to Novera’s withdrawn Longhirst proposal.
Then LPA rejected 80m Anem. Mast application (3/06), approved for 3 yrs.on appeal (12/06). Another 3 yrs. approved.
Byerley Stud Nr. Ingoe 1 79m N/A N/A N/A Not progressed
NCC Screening opinion 12/01286/PREAPP (Not published), 06/11/2012.
Causey Park Farm Nr. Eshott
(E418757 N597591)
2 74m 0.8MW (likely to be derated) 1.6MW (likely to be derated) 3R Energy Solutions for Landowner Pre-application
Screening application 14/00659/SCREEN (22/04/2014).
Charity Hall Farm Nr. Sharperton 1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Investments Not progressed
Refusal of 50m anem. mast overturned at appeal (decision letter).
NCC Ref. 12/02898/FUL.
Turnkey scheme.
Probable Enercon E44 turbine.
Charlton Mires Nr. South Charlton
(E417215 N620615)
1 100m 1.5MW 1.5MW Stillwind for Redpath Energy Ltd Application refused
NCC Ref. 14/01548/RENE. Vensys 1.5 MW turbine proposed.
Cheviot Farm Nr. Hallington 1 60.7m 0.33MW 0.33MW Empirica Investments Application withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 12/03483/RENE.Mast applic. (24/09/2012)- NCC Ref. 12/02897/RENE .
Turnkey scheme.
Enercon E33 turbine.
Coat Yards Farm Nr. Longhorsley 5 125m. 3MW 15MW Coronation Power ‘Dropped after scoping’
Cramond Hill Farm Nr. Cornhill 1 82m 0.5MW 0.5MW Engena & Kinetica Energy for Mr John E Glass & Mrs Sarah J Glass Pre-application
NCC screening application 14/01823/SCREEN.
Currock Hill/Hedley-on-the-Hill Nr. Hedley-on-the-Hill 6
140m. ? ? Pure Renewable Energy Not progressed.
See Hexham Courant 25.01.08
Debdon Farm Nr. Rothbury 8 ? 3MW 24MW West Coast Energy Limited. Mast rejected.
Anem. Mast refused 8/07 (‘visually intrusive’).
Ditchburn (Hagdon) Nr. Eglingham
(E412262 N621775)
9 125m 3MW 27MW Brookfield Renewable Energy Group, formerly PNE Wind Not pursued
An email from Ciorstaidh Couston, Project Manager for Brookfield Renewable Energy Group, of 15 October states, “Brookfield Renewable UK Ltd (formerly PNE Wind UK) no longer intend to submit a planning application for the proposal. This decision has been taken following recent policy changes in Planning and market support in the UK and particularly in England.”.
Earth Balance. Land NE Of Earth Balance, Bedlington
(E427463 N584637)
1 43.5m 0.25MW 0.25MW North Energy Associates for Blue Energy Wind Ltd Application consented
NCC planning ref. 12/00385/RENE.
Civil radar problems: application amended 01/03/2014, height reduced from 70m to 43.5m (WTN250 turbine).
Easington Farm Nr. Belford
(E412805 N634432)
1 81m N/A N/A N/A Not progressed
NCC Ref. 13/02505/SCREEN. Screening application.
East Coldcotes Nr. Ponteland
1 77.9m. 0.5MW 0.5MW George F White for ‘Green Energy Ponteland’ Ltd. Refused
Decisively rejected (9:2), against officer recommendation.
NCC Planning Ref. 11/01733/RENE.
(Green Energy Ponteland Ltd was registered to Louis Fell, a partner in George F White, the agents in this proposal).
East House Farm Nr. Warkworth
(E422354 N604865)
1 67m 0.9MW 0.9MW Empirica Investments Application withdrawn
NCC Ref. 12/01718/RENE.
Turnkey scheme.
50m Anem. mast approved (12/01003/RENE).
Enercon E44 turbine.
East Moneylaws Nr. Branxton
(E387833 N636025)
2 34.2m 0.05MW 0.1MW Maden Design & Build for Mr Robin Lathangie Appeal dismissed
Appeal decision 'recovered' by Secretary of State (01/04/2014), dismissed 17/07/2014 (Decision Document, with corrections: PDF download).
Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/13/2193153.
NCC Ref. 11/03207/RENE.
Unanimous refusal (07/08/12) against officer recommmendation.
Endurance E-3120 turbines.
East Wingates Nr. Wingates 6 100m 2.00-2.5MW 12 to 15MW BT “Not progressed”
Split site, 3 turbines at Wingates Moor refused.
BT say, “BT will not be progressing with a separate wind farm proposal for East Wingates wind farm, just to the east of Wingates village. After thorough assessment and consultation BT considers that this site would not be suitable due to potential impacts on the local community in combination with other wind farm sites in the area.” (BT Website).
Local response group: Wingates NOT Wind Farms (WNWF).
East Wingates Farm Nr. Wingates
(E410176 N595448)
1 33.5m 0.01MW 0.01MW Eco Energ for Mr Bell Resubmission refused
Refused 13:1, against officer recommendation.
NCC Ref. 13/00430/RENE.
Previous appl. 12/02017/RENE.
33.5m Bergey 10kW turbine.
Refused nem con (1 abstention) against recommendation.
East Newbiggin
(“Land South East Of Viaduct”).
Nr. Norham
(E390323 N645924)
1 54m 0.25MW 0.25MW Carleton Border Services for Mr Ian Martin, Galagate Farms Withdrawn
NCC planning ref. 11/02948/RENE.
WES30 turbine.
Mirrors Fellowhills application, near Ladykirk, for same landowner (see Scottish Borders entry).
Felkington Farm Felkington
(E394321 N644740)
2 34.5m 0.05MW 0.1MW Fine Energy Appeal dismissed
NCC Ref. 13/02691/RENE.
Endurance E3120 turbines proposed. Already operating 20m turbine.
Unanimous refusal following officer recommendation - cumulative heritage impacts with 74m Shoreswood turbine.
Community response group: 'Guardians of the Stones'
Fenrother Nr. Longhorsley 5 126.5m 3MW 15W Energiekontor Appeal dismissed
Appeal refused by Minister (decision recovered), following Inspector’s recommendation. Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/13/2194915.
Refused 08/01/2013. NCC Planning Ref. 12/02500/RENEIA.
60m anem mast collapsed 28/08/2012.
Unanimous refusal, following recommendation.
Fergusons Bus. Pk. West Nr. Bedlington
(E428960 N584430)
1 53.5m 0.5MW 0.5MW North Energy Associates for Blue Energy Wind Ltd Consented
Consented following officer recommendation.
Height reduced from 77m. NCC planning ref. 12/00375/RENE .
EWT Directwind 54 turbine proposed.
Fergusons Bus. Pk.(2) West Sleekburn
(E429261 N584146)
1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW Infinite Renewables Pre-application
NCC planning ref. 13/01305/SCREEN.
Follions Farm Weststeads, nr. Thropton
(E401510 N606955)
1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW AAH Planning Consultants for Ogden Renewable Energy Appeal dismissed
Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/13/2204271.
Refused, nem con, against recommendation.
NCC planning ref. 12/03857/RENE .
EWT Directwind 54 turbine proposed.
Gapshield Nr. Greenhead 5 ? 2.1MW 10.5MW RES
(not listed on website)
Not progressed
Green Rigg Nr. Sweethope Lough 18 110m. 2MW 36MW Wind Prospect for EDF Operational
Joint public inquiry (+ Ray & Steadings) 2008. Consented by Secretary of State (25/03/2010), subject to conditions.
See: Inspector’s Report (large PDF file) and Decision letter (PDF file).
Green Rigg - Generator ID: R00279RQEN.
Gubeon Farm Nr. Morpeth 1 ?53m 0.33MW 0.33MW Pre-application
NCC screening opinion for 87.5m Enercon E53 turbine (12/00117/PREAPP), 10/02/12; followed by screening opinion for smaller turbine (date not given).
Hadston Nr. Hadston, Broomhill & Togston. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hadston Wind Farm Future Electric (Hadston) Ltd.
Future Electric Ltd
Not progressed
preliminary survey work carried out. Close to Druridge Country Park.
Heatherslaw Farm Nr. Stamfordham 1 67m N/A N/A Capture Energy and Pure Energy Professionals for Mr Guy Green Appeal refused
Local refusal (9:5), against officer recommendation, upheld at appeal (Appeal Ref: APP/P2935/W/15/3005185).
NCC Ref. 13/02679/RENE .
Newcastle International Airport ask for reduction in size from 77m to 67m (27/06/2014, radar and airport safety).
Near built Pens Close turbine.
EWT 500 turbine previously proposed.
Hedley North Farm Hedley, Nr. Stocksfield 1 32.5m 0.05MW 0.05MW H&H Land & Property for Mr & Mrs Stonehouse Appeal allowed
Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/14/2211439
NCC planning ref. 13/00518/FUL. Endurance E3120 turbine.
Quarry House/Hepburn Moor 2 sites: “2.9 km. SE of Chillingham” and “3.8 km. NE of Old Bewick” Acciona Not progressed
Originated by Spanish co. EHN, now part of Acciona Group.
Anem. Mast (Dec. 2005) now within SSSI, up for 6 years, 3rd. renewal refused (04/12) See press story, 2 May, 2012.
Hexham Racecourse High Yarridge, Nr. Hexham
(E391928 N562240)
1 46.9m (Envelope) 0.225MW 0.225MW North Energy for Hexham Racecourse Appeal refused
Appeal Ref. APP/2935/A/13/2192869.
Majority decision refusal against the usual NCC recommendation for smaller turbines.
NCC planning ref.11/03400/RENE.
ACSA A29 turbine proposed (46.9m).
High Bellridge Farm SW of High Bellridge, Ingoe
(E404288 N575918)
1 33.6m N/A N/A AAH Planning Consultants for Mr Paul Scholey Application withdrawn
NCC planning ref. 13/02245/RENE.
High Cowden Farm Birtley, Nr. Hexham
(E391827 N579320)
1 45.45m 0.225MW 0.225MW AAH Planning Consultants for landowner Application disposed
NCC planning ref. 11/02484/FUL.
“Application has been disposed of under Part 7, Article 36(13) of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010. The reason for the disposal is that the information requested by letter dated 28th February 2012 has not been submitted as requested within the required timescale.”
ACSA A27 turbine proposed.
High Shaw Nr. East Woodburn
(E390902 N585493)
1 60.7m 0.33MW 0.33MW Empirica Investments Application withdrawn
“Revised resubmission”: 13/00380/RENE.
Previous appl. 12/02614/RENE. Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
50m Mast application 12/02221/RENE.
Turnkey scheme.
High Thorneyburn Farm Nr. Falstone
(T1: E376382 N587374)
2 74m 0.8MW 1.6MW Mr J McGregor for Mr James Ions Pre-application
Northumberland National Park planning ref. 13NP0048EIA.
Enercon E48 turbines proposed.
Kielder Strategic Wind Resource Area Kielder
Identified as ‘strategic resource area’ in original regional strategic planning documents (RSS).
Wind targets predicated on most Northumberland wind development being located in Kielder SWRA.

Scuppered by MOD radar constraints.
(Humble Hill)
Kielder 100 80m EcoGen Refused DTI
Upheld at jud. rev.
Section 36 Application to DTI/DBERR (Over 50MW)
lead application in ‘Strategic Wind Resource Area’ - abandoned due to MOD objection (Spadeadam tactical range area).
Kiln Pit Hill Nr. Slaley 6 120m 2MW 12MW NPower Operating
Consented on appeal(12/2/09). Inspector rejected both Arup and listed buildings protection. See: Appeal Decision (PDF document).
Kiln Pit Hill WF - Generator ID: R00291RQEN.
Kirkharle Bavington Hillhead, nr. Kirkharle
4 125m. 3MW 12MW NPower Appeal refused
Appealed for non-determination.
Another 4 turbines at Bavington Northside withdrawn.
Appeal refused: decision doc).
Kirkheaton Kirkheaton, nr. Hexham
3 66.5m. 0.6MW 1.8MW EDF Commissioned 2000
Nordex turbines.Blade damage: 2 turbines U/S 2008 - 2011.
Kirkheaton WF - Generator ID: R00020RQEN.
Kitty Brewster Industrial Park Nr. Blyth 1 125m N/A N/A N/A Not progressed
Scoping opinion 10/10/2012. NCC Ref. 12/01009/PREAPP (Not published). Enercon E33 turbines proposed.
Lamb Hill Nr. Edlingham EHN UK Mast Rejected.
EHN are part of the Acciona Group.
Mast Application Rejected by then LPA.
Not in ‘area of least constraint’.
Longhirst Nr. Longhirst 6 130m. “up to 2.5MW” 13MW Infinis (Novera) Withdrawn
Withdrawn (see letter), due to landscape & vis. assessment, ground conditions and comm’s links.
Next to RES’s Butterwell/Bluberry scheme.
Low Carry House Nr. Wark 2 67m 0.33MW 0.66MW N/A Not progressed
Scoping opinion 10/10/2012. NCC Ref. 12/01009/PREAPP (Not published). Enercon E33 turbines proposed.
Low Horton Farm Nr. Blyth
(E428550 N579765)
1 71m. 0.275MW 0.275MW ICE Renewables for the Horton Estate Operating
Delegated decision.
NCC Planning Ref. 11/02509/RENE.
Vergnet turbine. Blade accident 04/2013.
Lynemouth (Alcan) Lynemouth
13 121.2m. 2MW 26MW CRE & Scottish Power Operating
Lynemouth WF - Generator ID: R00265RQEN.
Maiden Hall
See ‘North Steads’

Marshall Meadows Farm Berwick-upon-Tweed
(E397216 N656619)
2 80m. 0.75MW (de-rated from 0.8MW) 1.5MW Advance Renewables and Berwick Community Trust Pre-application (scoping)
NCC Planning Ref. 13/03617/SCOPE.
50m anem. mast application: 13/03418/FUL .
Screening application: 13/02302/SCREEN(02/08/2013).
Community Trust also involved in consented Steps of Grace turbine.
MSD [Merck, Sharp & Dohme] Pharmaceuticals Cramlington 2 125m. 25MW 4MW MSD Operational
Consented on appeal (8/08) subject to effects on civil radar (Newcastle Airport) being ameliorated.
Danish NEG Micon turbines.
126.5m turbine proposed on neighbouring site at Plessey Hall Farm (see below).
Merck, Sharp and Dohme Wind Turbines - Generator ID: R00248RQEN.
Mickley Grange Farm New Ridley Road, Stocksfield
(E407429 N560196)
1 ?46.5m 0.225MW 0.225MW 1 Stop Renewables for Mr George Charlton Consented at appeal
Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/14/2218146.
NCC Ref. 13/00469/RENE.
Refused, following officer recommendation (Green Belt and civil radar impacts).
Turbine height and design conditioned in appeal consent.
Middle Hill Nr. Elsdon 9 125m. 3MW 27MW Air Farmers Ltd. Pre-application
NCC Scoping Ref. 11/000842/PREAPP (not published - available on request).
Community response group:
Middle Hill Action Group
Middlemoor Nr. N. Charlton
18 125m. 3MW 54MW NPower. Operational
49% stake sold to Greencoat Wind PLC (11/2013). Building was conditional on installation of equipment to ameliorate adverse impacts on Air Defence Radars at Brizlee Wood. S36 consent 2008: GDBC/001/00245C (PDF file).
Middlemoor WF - Generator ID: R00308RQEN.
Middleton Burn Swinhoe Farm, Nr. Belford 14 125m. 3MW 42MW Air Farmers Ltd. Pre-application
Scoping response: NCC Ref. 11/000772/PREAPP (not published - available on request).
Response Group: Middleton Burn Action Group (MBAG).
Moorhouse Farm Nr. Lowick 1 47.1m 0.8MW 0.8MW 3R Energy solutions for Mr & Mrs L Nielsen Application withdrawn
NCC Planning Ref. 12/00841/RENE.
‘Moorsyde’ Felkington
7 110m. N/A N/A Your Energy
Refused by LPA (27/03/08) against recommendation. Appealed (joint PI with Barmoor and Toft Hill May-June 2009). Appeal rejected 20/01/10 by Secretary of State following Inspector’s recommendation:
Decision Letter (PDF file); Inspector’s Report (large PDF file).
Mount Pleasant Farm Nr. Bedlington
1 100m 1.5MW 1.5MW Stillwind Ltd, Immanent Associates and Redpath Energy Ltd. Application withdrawn
NCC Ref. 15/00454/RENEIA.
Murton Murton 10 120m. 2MW 20MW RES. Not progressed
A screening application was submitted to the then Berwick Borough council in 2007. They declined to respond until situation with ‘Moorsyde’ (Felkington), West Ancroft, Toft Hill and Barmoor was clearer.
Murton Farm Nr. Berwick 1 81m 1MW 1MW RES Not progressed
Screening application. NCC Ref. 13/03120/SCREEN.
Previous screening appl. (10 turbines) on same farm in 2007.
Landowner has stated (03/12/2014) that this will not be progressed.
Murton Whitehouse Murton 2 45.071m. 0.225MW 0.45MW Maden Eco Approval quashed after JR
Application Ref. 13/03904/RENE. Majority approval, 5:4. Norwin 225KW turbines proposed.
New Bewick Nr. Wooperton 1 77.9m. 0.5MW 0.5MW George F White for Harehope Estates Refused
Decisive refusal (11:0, 1 abstention), against officer recommendation.
NCC Application Ref. 11/01132/RENE.
New Haggerston New Haggerston 1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Maden Design & Build for Mr Sinclair Robson Operational
Original consent (02/02/12) quashed after JR (06/06/12).
Applicant ignored High Court decision and NCC and finished building the turbine.
NCC planning ref.11/02506/FUL.
Endurance E-3120 turbine.
New Haggerston Dovecote Nr. Haggerston
1 37m. 0.03MW 0.03MW Maden Design for Mr Howard Marshall Refused
Exceptional recommended refusal by NCC planners (proximity to listed dovecote).
NCC Application Ref. 11/01237/FUL.
‘North Covert’
(West Edington)
Nr. West Edington
?8 ?125m ?MW ?MW TNEI, “representing Coriolis Energy Ltd. on behalf of Falck Renewables”. Not progressed
80m anem. mast approved: NCC Ref. 11/01001/RENE.
Response Group: Action for Rural Morpeth (ARM)
North Moor Farm Nr. Seaton Delaval 1 71m 0.275MW 0.275MW N/A Not progressed
NCC Screening Ref. 12/01027/PREAPP (Not published).
North Steads, formerly ‘Maiden Hall’/‘Blue Sky’ Nr. Widdrington 9 126.5m 2MW 18.5MW Project acquired by Infinis from Peel Energy (06/2015). Operational
NCC planning ref. 12/00290/RENEIA.
Presented as supposed precursor to ‘Blue Sky’ development project.
Turbine nos. reduced from 13 due to civil radar impacts.
“Grid energisation for both projects is expected in June 2016.”. Grid connection and land rights leases in place, thus complying with Renewable Obligation ‘grace period’ conditions.
Old Stables, Bebside Nr. Blyth
(E427944 N582067)
1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW Waddell Armstrong for Mr David Armstrong Live Application
NCC Ref. 14/03493/RENE.
Old Felton Farm Nr. Felton
E417824 N602872
1 60.7m 0.33MW 0.33MW Empirica Investments Application withdrawn
NCC Ref. 12/02228/RENE.
50m Anem. mast applic. 12/01074/RENE.
Application amended to smaller turbine.
Turnkey scheme, Enercon E33 turbine.
Peigh Hills Farm Nr. Widdrington
(E421191 N595274, E42130 N595124)
2 57.64m 0.225MW 0.45MW DC21 Group Application withdrawn
NCC Ref. 15/01269/RENE. Endurance X35 turbines
Pens Close Farm Nr. Stamfordham
(E408547 N574369)
1 34m 0.055MW 0.055MW George F White for Mr W T Reed Operating
NCC Appl. Ref. 12/01415/RENE.
Plenmeller Nr. Haltwhistle 24 92m. 2MW 48MW Harworth (UK Coal) Not progressed
Mast consented (01/07)
Northumberland County Council.
Not in ‘area of least constraint’.
Plessey Hall Farm (Windmill Hill) Nr. Plessey Wood, Cramlington 1 126.5m. N/A N/A Zephyr Wind Energy Pre-application (screening)
Pre-app. discussions held, screening appl. 13/00712/SCR (01/03/2013).
0.5km from existing 2x125m MSD turbines.
Park Head
(Rayburn Lake)
Nr. Netherwitton 5 127m. 2-2.3MW 10-11.5MW RES, with BT. Refused
“RES and BT have today announced that they will not appeal the decision by NCC to refuse planning permission” (18/03/2015).
Unanimous refusal following officer recommendation.
NCC Ref. 13/03346/RENEIA.
Previous application, NCC Ref. 09/00154/RENEIA (28/8/09), appealed for non-determination, then withdrawn 31/05/20011.
Ray Estate 1 Nr. Kirkwhelpington 16 125m. 3.4MW 54.4MW Vattenfall Operating
Joint public inquiry (with Ray & Steadings) 2008, Inspector recommended refusal on radar problems and likelihood of reaching a solution during period of consent. SoS (then Ed Miliband) disagreed: “is minded to grant section 36 consent and issue a section 90 direction for the Development.” (25/03/10).
Final consent by Minister, subject to ‘Grampian condition’, see decision letter (PDF download).
German Senvion 104 3.4MW turbines, towers built by CSWind UK, Machrihanish.
Ray Estate 2 Harwood Forest, Nr. Kirkwhelpington 22 120m. 3MW 66MW Vattenfall Not progressed
Anem. Mast approved.
Project originated by AMEC Wind Energy Ltd. who sold off their wind interests to Swedish company Vattenfall. See website page.
Redesdale Forest/Kielder Forest Nr. Rochester 50-100 Up to 170m N/A N/A RWE npower Pre-application
90m anemometer masts now built. Application references: No. 1: 13/02357/RENE; No. 2: 13/02358/RENE; No. 3: 13/02359/RENE; No. 4: 13/02361/RENE.
John Riddle, Chair of Northumberland National Park authority, says, “I understand they are talking about the possibility of 50 to 100 very large turbines there, up to 170 metres tall”.Just outside National Park.
Rimside Moor (Wandystead) Nr. Rothbury
3 91m For G Y McNay Trust Refused
Public Inquiry - rejected on landscape impacts.
Shoreswood Farm Ewe Hill
(E393276 N646062)
1 74m ?0.8MW (‘derating’ to 0.5MW likely) ?0.8MW 3R Energy for Mr William Jackson Appeal refused
Decision recovered to Secretary of State, 11/12/2014. Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/13/2195630.
A prior appeal consent quashed after High Court challenge. Conceded that the Inspector had failed to give “great weight” to the conservation of designated heritage assets and to the fact that any harm to such assets “should require clear and convincing justification”.
The appeal consent had overturned unanimous refusal (02/10/2012) which followed recommendation to refuse from planners and heritage experts.
NCC Planning Ref. 11/02725/RENE.
Enercon E-48 turbine proposed.
Community response group: 'Guardians of the Stones'
South Farm, Hallington Nr. Hallington
(E398239 N574993)
1 36.6m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Refused
Resubmission with 36.6m Endurance E-3120 turbine: NCC Ref. 15/00304/RENE.
Appeal of previous application refusal dismissed (landscape impacts),
NCC Ref. 14/01290/RENE.
refused against officer recommendation.
Steadings (Plashetts) Nr. Kirkwhelpington 22 120m. 2-3MW 44-66MW Banks Developments Refused on appeal
Joint public inquiry (with Ray & Steadings) 2008. Refused 25/03/10 by Secretary of State.
See: Inspector’s Report (large PDF file) and Decision Letter (PDF file).
The Steel Nr. Ridsdale
(E389972 N582080)
1 87m N/A N/A TNEI Services for BAE Systems Ltd. Pre-application
NCC Ref. 13/02504/SCREEN. Screening application.
Thockrington Nr. Bavington 7 100m. 2MW 14MW Wind Prospect ‘shelved’ (15/07/06),
then revised.
Not progressed.
Previously 14 x 100m x 2MW.
Anem. Mast consented 2005, now removed.
Appears that Wind Prospect may now have shelved this proposal after the Steadings refusal: “adverse impact of the [Steadings] proposal on the landscape framework of the Great Bavington Conservation Area and the setting of Saint Aidan’s Church Thockrington”.
Local response group: CREDIT - Campaign for Responsible Energy Development In Tynedale.
Tillmouth Farm Nr. Cornhill-on-Tweed 1 31.5m 0.022-0.03MW 0.022-0.03MW Maden Eco for Mr C Binnie Turbine scrapped
Hannevind 22/30 turbine. Consented 8/11/10; built 2011; rotor failure 02/2014; scrapped 27/02/014.
Same design as Bogangreen (Coldingham) turbine, deliberately collapsed by Maden Eco due to runaway brake failure (12/2011), shortly after commissioning.
Hannevind declared insolvent 21/10/2011.
Todburn East Nr. Longhorsley
(E412718 N596225)
8 125m 3MW 24MW Coronation Power Not progressed
Anem. Mast appr. 29/06/2006.
Todd Hill Between Pigden and Stanton.
4 101m. 2-2.5MW “8-10MW” Novera Refused
NCC Planning Ref. No. 09/00083/CCMEIA.
Refused (4:3), against officer’s recomm.
Novera say they will not persist with this site (‘Energy firm pulls out’, Morpeth Herald, 18/02/11).
Toft Hill Nr. Grindon
7 112m. 2.7MW 19MW NPower Refused
Refused by LPA (27/03/08) following planners’ recommendation. Appealed; decision recovered by SoS; joint PI with Moorsyde and Toft Hill, May-June 2009. Refused by SoS (20/01/10), following Inspector’s recommendation. (Decision letter).
Site owned by a member of the Astor family living in Dorset.
Tone Hall W. of A68 Nr. Sweethope Lough 6 100m 2MW 12MW Vattenfall Not progressed
Originated by Nuon, sold on to Vattenfall.
Extension of permission for 60m anem. mast C/10/00034/REN (06/04/2010).
Tranwell Nr. Morpeth 4 115m 3MW 12MW Wind Ventures Refused
Unanimous refusal, following officer recommendation.
NCC planning Ref. 12/03731/RENE.
Response Group:Action for Rural Morpeth (ARM).
Viewlaw 1.5km NW of Longhorsley 2 110 2.3MW 4.6MW Energy4All Not progressed
NCC Ref. 10/00102/PREAPP (not published - available on request).
Wandylaw Nr. N. Charlton 10 125m. 2.05MW 20.5MW Developed by Ridgewind. Acquired from HgCapital 01/02/2013. Then by Blue Energy. Operational
Consented on appeal (10/2/09): Decision letter and Inspector’s Report (PDF document).
REpower MM92 turbines.
On Ellingham estate, owned by Lady Belinda Gadsden.
Wandylaw WF - Generator ID: R00274RQEN.
Wansbeck Hospital Ashington 1 33m. 0.1MW 0.1MW Scrapped after blade failure
Vestas V20-100 turbine.
Commissioned 1992, shut down 2007-2009 blade damage (delamination) repaired and same fault re-appeared.
Consultants report: uneconomic to repair (see press)
Costs “unavailable”.
Removed Dec. 2011.
Wark Common Farm Nr. Pressen, Cornhill-On-Tweed
(NT 816 360 )
1 47m 0.1MW 0.1MW ICE Renewables for Straker-Smith Farms Refused
NCC Ref. 13/01307/RENE.
refused against officer recommendation (landscape).
Previous consent (02/02/12) quashed after JR (06/06/12).
Previously 71m French Vergnet turbine proposed, then Spanish Norvento nED100.
Watch Hill Farm Nr. Shilvington
(E415147 N581325
E415276 N581295)
2 35m 0.1MW 0.2MW Urban Wind Limited Application withdrawn
NCC Ref. 14/01443/RENE.
NP100-24 turbines proposed.
Weetwood Moor Nr. Wooler
1/2 50m hub
?0.8MW ?0.8MW Community Renewable Energy Ltd (CORE) Abandoned
Glendale Gateway Trust voted not to pursue the project in October 2011: issues which were seen as “insurmountable” were: “a high level of borrowing, lack of confidence in the financial projections, little confidence in the deliverability of the project and the likelihood of widespread local opposition to the turbine.” (Minutes of GGT Board Meeting,12 October 2011, item 7).
West Ancroft North Ancroft 8 115m 2.25MW “approx. 18MW” E.On UK. Application withdrawn
Still blighting the area:
“After carefully reviewing plans for our proposed West Ancroft wind farm following a recent public inquiry into nearby wind farm proposals, we have decided to withdraw our current planning application for an eight turbine scheme. We are now looking at the possibility of redesigning the project as a smaller development. [Our emphasis].
Site contiguous with ‘Moorsyde’ site.
See also: Windbyte page.
West Farm Nr. Nedderton 1 45m 0.25MW 0.25MW Aeolus Power Wind Energy Not progressed
NCC Screening opinion 12/01398/PREAPP (Not published), 17/01/2012.
West Edge Farm Nr. Berwick
(E396232 N655542)
1 39m. N/A N/A Greenviro Ltd (Dr James Bell) for Mr Derek Punton Withdrawn
Application Ref. N/11/B/0099.
West Linton West Linton, Nr. Longhirst 1 77m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Engena Ltd for Mr A Rutherford Application withdrawn
MOD and Newcastle Airport objections on radar impacts. NCC Planning Ref. 13/01900/RENE.
EWT DW54 turbine proposed.
West Moneylaws Nr. Mindrum
6 125m. 3 18MW Coronation Power Abandoned
Abandoned after scoping (01/07)
Grid connection
Proximity Nat. Pk.
West Side Farm Nr. Ryal 1 74m N/A N/A N/A Not progressed
NCC Screening Ref. 12/01429/PREAPP (Not published) 01/03/2013.
Whinney Hill Nr. Netherwitton N/A N/A N/A N/A Force9 Not progressed
Mast consented 07/03.
Whistle Bare Nr. Bowsden 3 32.159m. 0.03MW 0.09MW N/A Not progressed
Screening application 13/00490/SCREEN.Chinese Huaying HY30 turbines proposed.
An NCC ‘ghost application’ - no documents or information posted since 02/2013.
Whittonlea Quarry Nr. Whittingham
(NU 06746 10789)
1 78/79m N/A N/A Temporis Wind Not progressed (09/2013)
“Temporis Wind is no longer progressing the single wind turbine project at Thrunton, near Whittingham.” (Temporis Wind Ltd).
NCC Screening Ref. 13/01073/SCREEN.
Widdrington (‘Sisters’) Nr. Widdrington
4 126m [130m?] 2-2.5MW 8-10MW Arcus for Infinis
Application to increase turbine heights to 130m by non-material amendment refused, application to extend period for consultation on civil radar solution accepted: NCC Planning ref. 14/04019/NONMAT (01/12/2014).
NCC Planning Ref. 11/02481/RENEIA.
See also: ‘Maiden Hall’.
Willimoteswick Castle Nr. Bardon Mill
(E376662 N563275)
3 32m 0.03MW 0.09MW Quiet Revolution Application withdrawn
NCC Planning Ref. 13/00346/RENE .
Chinese Huyang HY30 turbines proposed.
Wingates Wingates
6 110m 2.5MW 15MW Novera Operating
Approved 05/04/11 (8:2), Application Ref. 09/00084/CCMEIA.
Nordex N90 turbines
Generator ID: R00270RQEN.
Wingates Moor Nr. Wingates
3 121m 2.00-2.5MW 8-10MW BT Appeal withdrawn
See: Park Head (Rayburn Lake).
Appeal withdrawn. Refused 22/03/12, majority decision against recommendation.
NCC Application ref. 11/00158/RENEIA.
Split site, 6 more turbines at East Wingates dropped.
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Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.


Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Ashtree Farm Nr. Chopwell 2 91m N/A N/A Broomfield Farm Chopwell Withdrawn
Application Ref. No. 835/02.
Bradley Fell Farm Nr. Greenside, Ryton
(E412590 N561852)
2 46.9m 0.225MW 0.45MW AAH Planning Consultants for landowner Deemed withdrawn
Planning Ref. DC/12/00474/FUL.
ACSA A29 turbine proposed.
Sheddon Hill Birtley 1 79.6m 0.5MW 0.5MW Sternwind for Mr Robert Auld Refused
Application Ref. No. DC/11/01019/FUL.
Enercon E48 turbine.

North Tyneside

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.

South Tyneside

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
A & P Tyne Wagonway Road, Hebburn
1 126m 2MW 2MW Wind Direct for A&P Tyne Operating.
Application Ref. ST/0186/08/FUL. Consented 07-04-09.
WES turbine.
Eco Centre, Hebburn Hebburn 1 45.5m. 0.225MW 0.225MW Groundwork, South Tyneside Operating (08/2005)
The ECO Centre, Hebburn - D - Generator ID: R00170RQEN.
Laverick Hall Farm
(E431535 N561242)
?1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Pre-application
Mast Application allowed at appeal: Ref. ST/1698/12/FUL refused 28/01/2013.


Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Great Eppleton Nr. Hetton-le-Hole
(NZ 366 485)
4 115m. 2.MW 8.2MW E.ON UK Opened 1997
Repowered 03/10.
4 x 69.5m 2-blade turbines (1997-2004), repowered with 4 x 115m REpower MM92 turbines.
Great Eppleton Farm - Generator ID: R00018RQEN.
Great Eppleton WF - Generator ID: R00234RQEN
Hetton Lyons Country Park Nr. Hetton le Hole
(E436313 N547528 or E436281 N547972)
1 125m 2.5MW 2.5MW Partnership for Renewables with Sunderland City Co. Pre-application
Nissan Sunderland 8 51m. 0.66MW MW Nissan Operating (11/05)
Small embedded turbines
SH Vestas V47.
2 more turbines consented in 2007.
Turbine fire December, 2005.
Nissan WF - A,C,D - Generator ID: R00160RQEN
Tunstall Hills Nr. Sunderland 1 125m 2.5MW 2.5MW Partnership for Renewables with Sunderland City Co. Pre-application
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Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.

See ‘Isles’
“Between Newton Aycliffe and Bradbury” 10 121m. 2-2.5MW 20-25MW E.ON UK Replaced by Isles appl.
Application replaced by much larger Section 36 application for 25-45 turbines in the same area.
A1 Application documents.
Backandsides Farm Nr. West Aukland
(E419482 N525246)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Ltd for landowner Consented
Delegated decision, DCC Planning Ref. 6/2012/0346/DM.
Endurance E3120 turbine.
Barningham High Moor Nr. Barningham 25 54m. 15MW National Wind Power Refused
Refused locally and at appeal 1998. National Wind Power (NWP) failed in its attempt to persuade the High Court to overturn The Secretary of State's decision to refuse the grant of planning permission, 1999.
Benridge Farm Nr. Blackhall
(E446759 N537277)
N/A N/A N/A N/A Savills for Mr H Bird, Benridge Farm Pre-application
40.5m anem. mast application approved (17/01/2013), Ref. (CMA/1/65).
Berry Edge Farm Nr. Consett
2 55.9m 0.225MW 0.45MW Green Gale Ltd for Mr D Whitfield, Berry Edge Farm Refused
Mast & turbines application 05/07/2012, Ref. CMA/1/65 refused 09/08/2012 (landscape, radar etc).
Blakley Hill Farm Station Town
(E441769 N535469)
?1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Investments Pre-application
50m mast approved 13/11/2012, Ref. CMA/5/44.
Likely Enercon E44 turbine.
Broom Hill Nr. Tow Law
(NZ 159392)
4 102m. 2MW 8MW EDF Operational
REpower MM82 turbines. Caused TV reception problems, see Press. Broom Hill WF - Generator ID: R00216RQEN
Burn Farm Nr. Crook
(E417664 N536038)
1 61m 0.5 0.5 SKM for Mr & Mrs C Hedley Refused
Appeal rejected
EWT DW54 turbine proposed.
Butterwick Moor Nr. Sedgefield 10 110m. 2-2.5MW 20-25MW E.ON.UK Operational
Immediately adjacent to Walkway scheme.
German REpower MM82 turbines.
Operational end of 2010.
Butterwick Moor Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00250RQEN
‘Crake Scar’ Nr. Woodland 4 115m. 2MW 8MW Arcus
for Bolsterstone Innovative Energy (Woodland) Ltd.
Company announced abandonment on environmental grounds (local press). Banks are persisting with even worse proposal on contiguous site at Windy Bank (see below).
Response Group: Hamsterley and Upper Gaunless Action Group (HUGAG).
Crake Scar Farm Nr. Hamsterley
(E408562 N527512)
2 46m 0.05MW 0.1MW Earthmill Ltd for Mr B Herworth Refused
DCC Application Ref. CMA/6/60.
Endurance E3120 turbines.
Crook Golf Club Nr. Crook 1 60.75m 0.5MW 0.5MW Green Gale Ltd for Crook Golf Club Approved
DCC Ref. 3/2011/0178.
EWT Directwind D52 turbine proposed.
Dean Leazes Farm Hesleden 1 77.9m 0.5MW 0.5MW GF White for Eden Farm Ltd Refused
Planning Appl. Ref. CE/13/01502/FPA. Majority refusal 8:6, against recommendation. EWT DW54 turbine proposed.
Dipton Nr. Stanley 1 77.9m 0.5MW 0.5MW George F White for Mr Edward Wright Application withdrawn
DCC Ref. DM/16/00109/FPA.
East Fold Garth Farm Nr. Bishop Aukland
(E407377 N526176)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW JDA Architects for Mr T Tarn Refused
Refused 09/08/2012.
DCC Ref. CMA/6/57.
Endurance E-3120.
East Close Farm Sedgefield
(E438302 N527934)
1 86.45m 0.8MW 0.8MW GF White for Mr R & S Craggs Refused
DCC Application Ref. CMA/7/103. Delegated decision.
Enercon E53 turbine.
East House Farm Nr. Trimdon
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Myriad CEG for Mr Hugh Carter Withdrawn
DCC Ref. CMA/7/93.
EWT Directwind 54 turbine.
Edder Acres Nr. Shotton Colliery 2 112m. 2.3MW 4.6MW A7 Energy Refused
Re-submission refused
Refused 2005
Appeal refused.
Edder Acres Farm Nr. Shotton Colliery 1 45.5m N/A N/A SKM for Mr F & M Musgrave Consented
Planning Appl. Ref. 8/CMA/5/48
Fox Cover Nr. Dawdon and Cold Hesledon, Seaham 2 125m 3MW 6MW EDF Energy Refused
Just to N. of A182. Refused by Easington DC, then LPA.
Foxton Lane/Shotton Beck Heley House Farm, nr. Sedgefield
3 110m. 2MW 6MW Wind Prospect Refused at appeal
Appealed for non-determination.
Planning Appl. No. 7/2010/0236/DM.
Green Hill Farm Nr. Sedgefield
(E437038 N529345)
?1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Investments Pre-application
50m mast appl. withdrawn 18/10/2012 (CMA/7/99).
Likely Enercon E44 turbine.
The Greenhouse (Greencroft) Nr. Consett 1 43.5m 0.225MW 0.225MW Groundwork W. Durham Operating 2006
Vesta V27 turbine. Consent for replacement with 76m EWT DW52 turbine.
The Greenhouse - Generator ID: R00161RQEN.
The Greenhouse (Greencroft) Annfield Plain, Nr. Stanley
(E416706 N550558.)
1 76m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Lanchester Properties Ltd. Approved
DCC Application Ref. CMA/1/74 .
Repowering application to replace existing 43.5m turbine with EWT DW52.
Greencroft Estate Annfield Plain, Nr. Stanley 2 86.5m. 0.8MW 1.6MW Lanchester Properties Ltd. Approved
DCC Application Ref. CMA/1/51.
Enercon E53 turbines proposed.
GSK Barnard Castle 2 45m. 0.25MW 0.5MW Glaxo Smith Kline Operating
Small embedded scheme
SH Micon turbines.
Barnard Castle GSK Wind Turbines - D - Generator ID: R00137RQEN.
Hallfield Farm Nr. Easington
1 77.9m. 0.5MW 0.5MW GF White for Mr James Weightman Approved
Planning Appl. No. PL/5/2011/0305
Directwind GA HH50 turbine.
Hare Hill Nr. Peterlee
(NZ 371 414)
2 100m. 2.325 & 2.75MW 5MW E.ON UK Operating (2004)
NEG Micon NM80 turbines.
Hare Hill (3H) - Generator ID: R00140RQEN
Hare Hill WF (E.On) - A, C (3H) - Generator ID: R00139RQEN
Haswell Moor Nr. Haswell/Sherburn 5 110m. 2.05MW 10.25MW E.ON.UK Operating (12/10).

German REpower MM82 turbines.
Haswell Moor WF - Generator ID: R00247RQEN.
Hawthorn West of A19, nr. Murton (NZ405460/NZ408463). 2 105m. 2.5MW 5MW SLP Energy Refused
Initial application April 2008, withdrawn September 2008. Resubmitted (Non-technical summary available).
Hesledon East Farm Cold Hesledon, Seaham 1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW Redpath Renewables Ltd Application withdrawn
DCC Ref. DM/15/02765/FPA.
Heugh Hall Farm Nr. Bowburn
(E431776 N538163)
1 34.2m. 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Ltd for landowner Refused
DCC Planning Ref. 4/12/00569/FPA.
Refused on landscape grounds.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
High Bradley Farm Nr. Consett
(E411887 N553442, E411962 N553440)
2 55m 0.25MW 0.5MW AAH Planning Consultants for Mr Barry Renwick Refused
DCC Ref. CMA/1/66.
WES 30 proposed.
High Greenfield Farm Cowshill, Bishop Aukland
(E385203 N541887)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Equinox 3 for Mr F Beddard Appeal dismissed
Appeal Ref. APP/X1355/A/13/2200979. DCC Ref. 3/2013/0017 (08/04/2013).
Refused on grounds of visual impact and harm to character and appearance of North Pennines AONB.
Endurance E3120 turbine.
High Haswell Nr. Haswell 2 100m. 2MW 4MW Consent sold to REG Operational
Renewable Energy Generation (REG), acquired High Haswell for 800,000 in January 2010. Two Vestas V80 turbines acquired, commissioned March, 2011.
High Haswell Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00255RQEN.
High Hedley Hope Nr. Tow Law
3 71m 0.75MW 2.25MW EDF/London Power Co. Operating (2002)

Hedley Hope - Generator ID: R00032RQEN
High Hedley Hope 2 Nr. Tow Law 4 105m. 1.3MW 5.2MW EDF/London Power Co. Operating
Nordex N60 turbines.

High Hedley 2 - Generator ID: R00209RQEN.
High Knitsley Farm Nr. Consett
(E410539 N548686)
1 45.7m 0.225MW 0.225MW Neo Environmental for J D Vipond Consented
DCC Planning Ref. CMA/1/89 (08/04/2013).
Vestas V27 turbine.
High Sharpley Nr. Seaham. 2 90m 1.3MW 2.6MW Cornwall Light & Power Company Ltd./REG Operating (2007)
See also extension at South Sharpley.
Nordex N60 turbines.
High Sharpley - A - Generator ID: R00177RQEN.
High Stoop Nr. Tow Law
(E410744 N539635)
1 67m 0.9MW 0.9MW Empirica Investments Withdrawn
DCC Ref. CMA/3/43.
Turnkey scheme.
Enercon E44 turbine proposed.
High Volts Elwick, Hartlepool
3 100m. 2.75MW 8.1MW Powergen Operating (12/03)
NEG Micon NM80 turbines.
High Volts WF (3H) - Generator ID: R00133RQEN
High Volts Wind Farm 2 (3H) - Generator ID: R00132RQEN.
High West House Farm Nr. Tow Law
(E413314 N538700)
1 67m 0.9MW 0.9MW Empirica Investments Refused
DCC Ref. CMA/3/46 .
Turnkey scheme. Enercon E44 proposed.
Hill House Farm East of Hill House Farm, Witton Le Wear
(E415147 N531786)
1 34m 0.1MW 0.1MW Entrust Pre-application
Durham CC Ref. 3/SO/2013/0002
Holmside Nr. Stanley
2 100m. 2.75MW 5.5MW E.ON UK Operating (2004)
NEG Micon NM80 turbines.
Holmside Hall (3H) - Generator ID: R00142RQEN.
Holmside Wind Farm - A,C (3H) - Generator ID: R00141RQEN.
Hownsgill Farm Nr. Consett
(E410338 N549250)
1 45m 0.25MW 0.25MW Engena Ltd. Consented
Delegated decision, DCC Planning Ref. CMA/1/81.
Hulands Quarry Nr. Bowes
(E401645 N513828)
1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW Aggregate Industries & AGR renewables Refused
DCC Planning Ref. CMA/6/59.
Refused 08/04/2013 on grounds of visual impact and harm to character and appearance of North Pennines AONB.
Humbleburn Nr. Oakenshaw
(E422532 N550863)
1 74m 0.9MW 0.9MW Whirlwind/The Energy Workshop Ltd. Consented
DCC Ref. CMA/2/16 .
MOD had objected to an 87m turbine model (Brizlee radar).
Hutton Hall Farm Nr. Barnard Castle 2 34.5m 0.05MW 0.1MW Earthmill Ltd. for Mr Hodgson Application withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 6/2013/0291/DM. Endurance E-3120 turbines proposed.
INEOS Newton Aycliffe Ltd.
(Formerly Hydro Polymers).
Newton Aycliffe 2 48m. 0.25MW 0.5MW Hydro Polymers/TNEI “Project cancelled”
Small embedded scheme
Plastics plant.
Ireshope Plains Ireshopeburn, Bishop Aukland (385955,538029). 1 34.2m 0.1MW 0.1MW Mr J Carrick Refused
Second revised application - DCC Ref. DM/15/01559/FPA. Previous refusal 24/03/2014.
In Pennine AONB.
(Formerly ‘A1’)
“East of Newton Aycliffe” 24 13x101m, 4x115m & 7x126.5m 2MW 48MW E.ON UK Application withdrawn
(Announced 21/01/2016)
E.On annouce withdrawal 21/01/2016.
DCC Application Ref. DM/14/01210/FPA.
Community response group:
Isles Communities Turbine Action Campaign.
Junction House Nr. Easington 1 99.5m 2.3MW 2.3MW BT Appeal Refused
Appeal Ref: APP/X1355/A/11/2164485 (decision letter).
Appl. Ref. No. PL/5/2010/0473
Refused on 11:1 vote.
Junction House Farm Nr. Easington
(E440209 N543840)
1 46m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Ltd for Mr S Hutchinson Consented
Planning Ref. CMA/5/47
Close to BT site.
Langley Nr. Burnhope
(NZ200 474)
4 102m. 2MW 8MW EDF Operating
REpower MM82 turbines.
Consented 6/05. Commissioned 13/08/2008.
Caused problems with TV reception (see website).
Langley - Generator ID: R00212RQEN.
Little Coop Farm Nr. Hawthorn (E439901 N545572) 1 61m 0.5MW 0.5MW George F White for S Moor & Son Application approved
DCC Ref. DM/14/01814/FPA.
EWT DW52 turbine proposed.
Low Butterby Farm Croxdale Estate, nr. Bowburn
(E429505 N537985)
1 46m 0.05MW 0.05MW Carter Jonas LLP for Mr G Salvin Withdrawn
DCC Ref. CMA/4/81.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Low Grange Farm Between High Shincliffe and Bowburn
(E430374 N539232)
1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Investments Pre-application
50m Mast Application, Ref. CMA/4/89.
Low Raisby Farm Nr. Kelloe 1 76m 0.5MW 0.5MW AMEC for Mr J Taylor Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. CMA/4/88. MOD objection (Brizlee Wood radar).EWT DW52 turbine proposed.
500m SW of Trimdon Grange WF.
Low West House Hedley Hope, nr. Tow Law
(E414775 N539207)
1 67m 0.9MW 0.9MW Empirica Investments Withdrawn
Planning Appl. Ref. CMA/3/45.
Middle Heads Farm Rowley, Nr. Consett 1 74m 0.5MW 0.5MW Mr D Dixon Consented
Consented against MOD and civil radar objections and officer advice.
DCC Appl. Ref. CMA/1/76.
Enercon E48 turbine.
Murton Moor Nr. Murton
(E437838 N546478)
1 74m 0.8MW 0.8MW Windberry Energy Ltd Withdrawn
DCC Appl. Ref. CMA/5/45.
Turnkey scheme for Enercon E48 turbine.
Anem. mast approved.Objections from MOD and other consultees.
Oakenshaw Nr. Oakenshaw 3 N/A 2.75MW 8.25MW EDF Energy Not progressed
Oakenshaw W of Oakenshaw
(E419349 N536715)
1 76m 0.8MW 0.8MW TEC Ltd Consented
50m mast approved 14/06/2012, Ref. 8/CMA/3/51.
Ponder Gill 1 Nr. Barnard Castle 1 46.3m. 0.25MW 0.25MW Mr Andrew Thompson Refused
DCC Ref. DM/15/02064/FPA (2 linked applications).
Next to the A66, at Cross Lanes.
Ponder Gill 2 Nr. Barnard Castle 1 46.3m. 0.25MW 0.255MW Mr Andrew Thompson Refused
DCC Ref. DM/15/02063/FPA (2 linked applications).
Next to the A66, at Cross Lanes.
Quarrington Hill Nr. Cassop 2 3MW 6MW Eco energy Refused (2004)
Appeal rejected
Richmond Farm Nr. Tow Law
(E410252 N539186)
1 34.2m 0.055MW 0.055MW JDA Architects for Mr John Stubbs Refused
DCC Ref. CMA/3/44.
Endurance E-3120.
Land off School Lane Nr. Newton Aycliffe
(54.603262, -1.590679)
1 34.4m 0.1MW 0.1MW Urban Wind Ltd Application withdrawn
DCC Ref. 7/2013/0377/DM.
NPS 100 turbine.
Seven Steps Farm
(formerly Pit Close Farm)
Nr. Peterlee
(E413243 N527796)
1 465m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Ltd. for Mr A Ridley Application withdrawn
Application Ref. CMA/1/73
Endurance E-3120.
Sheraton Hill Nr. Peterlee
(E444600 N536867)
5 115m 2MW 10MW EDF Refused
Application Ref. CMA/5/31
1 turbine in Hartlepool.
Shotton Farm Nr. Sedgefield 1 66.5m 0.33MW 0.33MW GF White for Landowner Pre-application
Screening opinion sought, 01/11.
0.5km from Foxton Lane (Live appl.), also close to Lamb's Hill (consented).
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Simonside Farm Nr. Ferryhill 1 39.05m 0.05MW 0.05MW VG Energy Ltd
for Mr Andrew Hirst
Application Ref. 7/2013/0239/DM.
Previous application 7/2013/0091/DMwithdrawn (23/04/2013).
Polaris P17/50i turbine.
South Moor Golf Club Nr. Stanley 2 100m & 110m 2MW 4MW Regeneco Refused
Application Ref. CMA/1/73.
MOD and Civil radar objections, officer recomm. refusal.
South Sharpley Nr. Seaham, Co Durham 3 100m. 2.5MW 7.5MW Cornwall Light & Power Company Ltd./REG Consented at appeal
Extension to existing scheme at High Sharpley.
Unanimous refusal following officer’s recommendation. Major reason: proximity to housing (450m).
Overruled on everything by one of the Inspectorate’s wind warriors (App. Ref. APP/X1355/A/10/2127599).
South Sharpley Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00286RQEN.
Springwell Cottage Farm Nr. Tow Law
(E409952 N541405)
?1 ?67m ?0.9MW ?0.9MW Empirica Investments Pre-application
50m mast approved, DCC Ref. CMA/1/72.
Turnkey scheme.
Enercon E44 turbine likely.
Stanley Moss Nr. 2 107m. 2.3MW 4.6MW Amec/Banks Group Refused
Stobhill Nr. Bolam 7 Up to 125m. 2-2.5 MW 14-17.5MW NPower Dropped
RWE NPower have announced that “RWE npower renewables has made a decision not to proceed further with an application for a wind farm near Bishop Auckland at the present time. [...] information from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) concerning a radar at nearby RAF Leeming has meant that RWE npower renewables feel it would not be sensible to progress the scheme further at present.”
Tanners Hall Farm Oakenshaw, Nr. Crook
1 74m. 0.8MW 0.8MW AAH Planning Consultants for Mr A Layfield Application withdrawn
Resubmission for Enercon E48 turbine. DCC Application Ref. CMA/3/37.
Previous applications: 11/00522/FPA (64m Vestas V52) withdrawn 23/08/11 and CMA/4/86 (74m enercon E48) withdrawn 23/10/12.
Thornley Pit House Farm Nr. Tow Law
(E412888 N538686)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW JDA Architects for Mr Suddes Refused
DCC Application Ref. CMA/3/37.
Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Tow Law Nr. Tow Law
(NZ140406 )
3 71m. 0.77MW 2.31MW National Wind Power Operating
Nordex N50 turbines, commissioned 01/12/2001.
Tow Law Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00033RQEN.
Trimdon Grange Nr. Trimdon 4 76m. 1.3MW 5.2MW EDF Operating
Nordex N60 turbines.
Consented on appeal, 2005.
Trimdon Grange - Generator ID: R00210RQEN.
Trimdon House Farm & West House Farm Nr. Ferryhill
(E435045 N533476)
1 77m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Myriad CEG for Mr G Hirst & D Morgan Previous approval overturned
DCC Ref. 7/2011/0293/DM. Majority approval following recommendation subsequently unanimously overturned on legal advice due to air safety concerns re. neighbouring airfield.
Twizell Hall Farm Nr. Stanley 1 39.6m 0.05MW 0.05MW ML Planning for Mr Dan Harrison Consented
Planning Appl. No. 1/2013/0022.
Latest of several re-applications.
CF50 wind turbine proposed.
Walkway Nr. Sedgefield
7 110m. 2 14MW Wind Prospect Operating
REpower MM82 turbines.
Immediately adjacent to Butterwick scheme. Operating as 2 entities (Walkway 1 [R.O. ID R00197RQEN], 4 turbines & Walkway 2 [R.O. ID R00198RQEN], 3 turbines)
Walkway Wind Farm 1 - Generator ID: R00197RQEN.
Walkway Wind Farm 2 - Generator ID: R00198RQEN.
‘West Durham’ Nr. Satley/Tow Law
12 100m. 2MW 24MW Banks Developments
Now ESB.
REpower MM82 turbines. Acquired by Irish energy firm ESB (Irish Government-owned Electrical Supply Board).
Breakdown 18/05/11-
West Durham Windfarm ltd - Generator ID: R00219RQEN.
West Moor Farm Nr. Easington
(E440512 N542400)
1 67m 0.9MW 0.9MW Empirica Investments Refused
DCC Ref. CMA/5/36.
Turnkey scheme. Enercon E44 proposed.
West Shipley Nr. Hamsterley ? ?m. ?MW ?MW Pure Renewable Energy Not progressed
50m Anemometer mast approved 24/05/11 (2 years), ref. 6/2011/0110/DM
Response Group: Hamsterley and Upper Gaunless Action Group (HUGAG).
Windmill Hill Craghead, nr.Stanley
(E421235 N550199)
1 67m 0.9MW 0.9MW Empirica Investments Refused
DCC Ref. CMA/1/69.
Turnkey scheme.
Enercon E44 turbine proposed.
‘Windy Bank’ Nr. Woodland 4 125m. 3MW 12MW Banks Developments Refused
DCC Planning Ref. CMA/6/48.
Refused on Chairman’s casting vote, following officer recommendation.
Community Response Group: Hamsterley and Upper Gaunless Action Group (HUGAG).
Windy Hill Farm Nr. Eggleston, Barnard Castle
(E401850 N522194)
1 46m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Ltd for Mr P Hobson Application withdrawn
Application Ref. CMA/6/63.
Endurance E3120 turbine.
Wingate Grange Nr. Peterlee
5 115m. 2-2.5MW 10-12.5MW Infinis Refused
Refused, following officer recommendation, despite large community benefit bribe being pushed by the developers.
DCC Appl. Ref. CMA/5/40.
60m Anem. mast approved 13/07/11.
Wood Close Farm Nr. Wingate
1 62m. 0.33MW 0.33MW Savills/Windberry Energy Holdings Ltd Application withdrawn
DCC Application Ref. CMA/5/37.
Enercon E33 turbine. Turnkey scheme.
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Hartlepool District

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Brenda Road Industrial Estate West Hartlepool
(E451030 N528464)
1 175m 3-7.5MW 7.5MW The Energy Workshop Live application
Called in by minister, October 2015. local inquiry due. PINS Ref. APP/H0724/V/15/3136429.
Application Ref. H/2014/0253. Originally 206.5m proposed, Enercon E126 turbine illustrated.
Dovecote Farm Elwick Village
(E445789 N531461)
1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW AAH Planning Consultants for Mr Frederick Grieves Application refused
Application Ref. H/2014/0534.
Graythorp Industrial Estate West Hartlepool
(E451496 N527495)
1 175m 3-7.5MW 7.5MW The Energy Workshop Live application
Called in by minister, October 2015. local inquiry due. PINS Ref. APP/H0724/V/15/3136429.
.Application Ref. H/2014/0252. Originally 206.5m proposed, Enercon E126 turbine illustrated.
Red Gap Farm Wolviston, Hartlepool 5 125m. 3MW 15MW BT Consented
Sheraton Hill Nr. Peterlee
(E444600 N536867)
1 (5) 115m 2MW 10MW EDF Refused
Application Ref. CMA/5/31
1 turbine in Hartlepool.
Teesbay Business Park Brenda Road, West Hartlepool 1 129.6m N/A N/A Pre-application
Tofts Farm Land at Tofts Road, West Hartlepool
(E451380 N528135)
1 175m 3-7.5MW 7.5MW The Energy Workshop Live application
Called in by minister, October 2015. local inquiry due. PINS Ref. APP/H0724/V/15/3136429.
.Application Ref. H/2014/0254. Originally 206.5m proposed, Enercon E126 turbine illustrated.
Whelley Hill Farm Worset Lane, Hartlepool 1 N/A (likely 60-90m) 0.5MW 0.5MW Capture Energy Ltd Pre-application
Application Ref. H/2014/0503.

Middlesbrough District

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Middlesbrough Football Club Land adjacent to Riverside Stadium 1 125m 3MW 3MW Middlesbrough FC Approved
Application Ref. M/FP/0849/08/P.
Update, 09/2015: mired in dispute, possible legal action - see local press.
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Redcar & Cleveland District

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
ASDA Teesport Middlesbrough
1 74m 0.85MW 0.85MW Green Peninsula for ASDA Withdrawn
Application Ref. R/2009/0832/FF.
Bank Field Wind Farm Nr. Guisborough
(E459645 N517507)
5 132m 3.4MW 17MW Banks Renewables Application withdrawn
Planning Ref. R/2013/0674/FFM.
Barnaby Grange Farm Nr. Middlesbrough
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Steve Hesmondalgh & Associates LLP for Mr A Brunton Withdrawn
Application 28/05/2013, Ref. R/2013/0671/FF.
Barnaby Side Farm Nr. Middlesbrough
1 53.5m 0.33MW 0.33MW GF White for Mr John Rider Pre-application
Screening Application Ref. R/2011/0098/SC.
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Beacon Moor Nr. New Marske
4 115m. 2.5MW 10MW Infinis Abandoned (03/12)
Application for 60m anem. mast approved (Ref. R/2011/0374).
Court Green Farm Nr. Wilton
(E458316 N518190)
1 51m 0.5MW 0.4MW Arcus for Pollock Assoiates Ltd Application approved
Application Ref. R/2013/0509/FF. Turbowinds T400-34 turbine.
Cragg Hall Farm Nr. Brotton
(T1 - 469830, 519080; T2 - 46968, 519074)
2 34.5m 0.05MW 0.1MW Windward Renewables for Mr and Mrs Blackett Pre-application
Screening Application Ref. R/2014/0252/SC.
Endurance E3120 turbines proposed.
Land NE of Flatts Lane Centre off Flatts Lane, Normanby. 1 77m 0.9MW (“to be downrated to 0.5MW”)” 0.9MW (“to be downrated to 0.5MW”)” Entrust for Future Energy Partnership Live application
R&CBC Appl. Ref. R/2015/0349/FF. Derated enercon E44 proposed.
Greenhills Farm Lingdale
(E468487 N517118)
1 89m up to 0.9MW up to 0.9MW TNEI Services for GHF Energy Ltd Resubmission consented at appeal
Appeal Ref. APP/V0728/A/12/2184942.
Application Ref. R/2012/0592/RS.
Grewgrass Farm Nr.New Marske
(E458316 N518190)
1 34.5m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill for Landowner Withdrawn
Application Ref. R/2013/0758/FF. Endurance E3120 turbine.
Kilton Thorpe Lane Nr. Brotton
(E469353 N518490)
1 100m “Up to 2.5MW” “Up to 2.5MW” TNEI Consented at appeal
Appeal Ref. APP/V0728/W/15/3002481. Application Ref. R/2014/0433/FF.
Kirkleatham Business Park Redcar
(E469328 N518552)
1 80m 0.5MW 0.5MW TNEI Operating
(Consented 06/06/2013)
R&CBC Appl. Ref. R/2013/0209/FF.
Manor House Farm Nr. Saltburn
(E468898 N515155 )
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW AAH Planning Consultants for Mr Mark Smith Consented at appeal
Appealed for non-determination: APP/V0728/A/13/2210926.
Application Ref. R/2013/0665/FF. Endurance E3120 turbine.
Marske Estate WF Nr. Saltburn
4 100m 0.8MW 3.2MW Knight Frank LLP for West Midlands Metropolitan Authority Pension Fund Pre application
Scoping opinion R/2012/0001/SCP 03/01/2012.
Enercon E48 turbines proposed.
Moorsholm Land N. of Moorsholm
(E468898, N515155)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW AAH Planning Consultants for Mr Mark Smith Consented at appeal
Application Ref. R/2013/0665/FF. Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Red Hall Farm Nr.
(E468555, N513721)
1 34.5m 0.05MW 0.05MW AAH Planning Consultants Appeal dismissed (Non-determination)
Application Ref. R/2014/0319/FF. Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Ridge Farm Nr. Stanghow
1 67m 0.33MW 0.33MW Empirica Investments Appeal Refused
Original application refused (03/09/12). Ref. R/2012/0005/FF.
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Sigma Nr. Teesport (E454084 N521238) 1 101m 0.5MW 0.5MW Ice Renewables for Sigma Partnership Application withdrawn
Application Ref. R/2013/0509/FF. Powerwind 500/60 turbine proposed.
Teesside Offshore 1.5km off Coatham Sands, Redcar 27 152m. 2.3MW 62MW Northern Offshore Wind/EDF Operational
MMO Ref. 32421/040319/9. Consented 17/09/07, Sect. 36 decision.
Siemens 2.3MW turbines ordered.
Teesside WF - Generator ID: R00024RPEN.
Teeswind North Corus steel site, Redcar 18 140m. 2.5MW 45MW AMEC/Corus Consented (16.07.02 - R/2001/936/FF)
"In abeyance"
Tees Wind South Corus steel site, Redcar
10 140m. 2.5MW 25MW AMEC/Corus "In abeyance"
Turners Arms Farm Nr. Yearby
(E460586 N521147)
1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW Coriolus for Cirrus Energy Withdrawn
Application Ref. R/2013/0679/FF.
Upsall Grange Nr. Nunthorpe
1 47.1m 0.1MW 0.1MW GF White for Landowner Pre-application
Screening opinion sought, 06/11.
Northwind 100kW turbine proposed.
West Field Farm Nr. Loftus 1 66.6m 0.33MW 0.33MW Savills for Landowner Pre-application
Screening opinion sought, 08/11.
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Wilton Nr. Yearby 2 140m 3.3MW 6.6MW Airvolution Energy Application withdrawn
Application Ref. R/2014/0074/FFM. Vestas V112 turbines proposed.

Stockton-on-Tees District

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Augean Landfill Site Port Clarence, Nr. Billingham. 4 126m. ? ? Augean PLC Pre-application
Scoping opinion sought N/2009/0006/SO.
Bishopsgarth School Bishopsgarth, Stockton-on-Tees 1 47.5m N/A N/A TNEI for school Operating
Approved 08/08/06.
Off Blakeston Lane Thorpe Thewles, Nr. Stockton. 1 77m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Temporis wind for landowner Withdrawn
Scoping application 13/2262/SCO.
Country Valley Foods Nr. Billingham. 1 35m. 0.1MW 0.1MW Urban wind for Country Valley Foods Pre-application
Screening application, ref. 13/0201/SCO.
HBC Vehicle Breakers Nr. Billingham. 1 125m. 2.5MW 2.5MW Infinergy Pre-application
Scoping opinion sought 2006.
Poplars Farm Nr.
(T1: 440195, 522068; T2: 440223 521998)
2 35m. 0.1MW 0.2MW Urban Wind Pre-application
Screening application 13/2925/SCO, opinion (EIA required) 12/12/2013.
Northern Power NP100-24 turbines.
Seamer Between Hilton and Seamer, nr. Yarm, on Stockton-on-Tees and N. Yorks boundary. 5 125m. 2MW 10MW Broadview Energy Operating
Refused against recomm. by SBC (3 turbines); 11/08) and HDC, Yorkshire (2 turbines; 10/08).
Revised appl. approved on Chair’s vote by SBC ; HDC refused by 7:5 (17/9/09); subsequently approved at appeal. Repower MM92 turbines.
Seamer Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00282RQEN.
Stillington/Lamb’s Hill Stillington, Nr Stockton
4 125m. 2-2.5MW 8-10MW Banks Developments/Gaz de France Under construction
Application under Section 73 to remove condition No.45 (Amplitude Modulation) of planning approval: Application ref. No. 10/2549/EIS
Thorpe Leazes Nr. Stockton
(E439432 N524337)
2 47m. 0.225MW 0.45MW TGC Renewables Adverse screening report
Screening application 13/0386/SCO .
Vertellus Seal Sands, Middlesbrough 1 150m 2.5MW 2.5MW Wind Direct for Vertellus Pre-application
Scoping request ref. 11/3173/SOR, (19/12/11).
800m from Teesmouth National Nature Reserve, SSSI etc.

Darlington District

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Coniscliffe Grange Farm Nr. Darlington
(E425548 N515596)
1 34.4m 0.055MW 0.055MW GF White for Manners Farms Consented
Appl. Ref. 12/00021/FUL.
Endurance E3120 turbine.
Darlington Football Club Nr. Sadberge, Darlington. 2 30.6m. 0.01MW 0.02MW Life Long Energy Withdrawn
DBC Case Ref. 13/00979/FUL
East/West Newbiggin Nr. Sadberge, Darlington. 3 110m. 2MW 6MW Pure Renewable Energies, PB Power. Refused
DBC Case Ref. 11/00128/FUL
Garthorne Farm Archdeacon Newton, Darlington
(E425354 N517151)
1 67m. 0.5MW 0.5MW George F White for Mr Graham Tweddle Operating
DBC Case Ref. 11/00245/FUL.Consented 06/12/2011.DirectWind 52/54 500 turbine.
Hauxley Farm Nr. Great Stainton
(E432473 N521856)
1 34.4m. MW MW GF White for Mr Richard Hewitson Withdrawn
Application ref. 13/00434/FUL Endurance E3120 turbine.
Legg’s Cross Farm Nr. Bolam
(E420999 N522582)
1 41.8m. 0.1MW 0.1MW AAH Planning Consultants for Mr Stewart Ward Refused
Application ref. 13/00261/FUL for NP100/24 turbine.
Previous application for slightly larger turbine withdrawn(18/06/2012): 12/00299/FUL.
Refused on grounds of landscape and Cicil and defence radar impacts.
Moor House Nr. Barmpton, Darlington. 6 125m 2.5MW 15MW Banks Developments Consented
Banks put in a parallel proposal for 6 turbines in March 2011 after a 10T application was refused (10/11/10) then appealed (June 2011).
LPA rec. approval despite project exceeding Arup rec. capacity (4-6 turbines) and objections from local airport.
CFD Contract agreed - CFD ID: AAA-BAN-190.
Red House Farm Redworth, Newton Aycliffe
(E423919 N524100)
1 46m 0.05MW 0.05MW Earthmill Limited for Mr Stuart Klinke Withdrawn
Planning search page 13/00140/FUL. Endurance E3120 turbine.
Royal Oak Nr. Shildon
5 105m. 1.3MW 6.5MW EDF/EDF. Consented (10/2005)
An EDF spokesman said: “The original planning approval was subject to a Ministry of Defence aviation condition and our consultants are currently looking at solutions which should enable the condition to be discharged.” (‘Turbines could be built nine years after first proposed’, Teesdale Mercury, 25/11/2014).
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The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents and Deployment Unit (ECDU) handles applications over 50MW headline capacity (search page).


Special planning guidance, Landscape capacity study for Wind Energy Development in West Lothian and Wind Energy Data map (only renewed periodically) - download page (see Renewable Energy). An up to date spread sheet showing all turbine applications determined or in the planning system is available from Development Management by emailing
West Lothian Council planning applications: Planning search.
Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Aldi distribution Centre Bathgate
(E296927 N666507)
1 99m N/A N/A Loganwood Wind for Aldi Pre-application
WLC Screening appl. 0620/EIA/12.
55m Mast Appl. 0009/FUL/13 Consented 27/02/2013.
Baad's Mill Addiewell
(E299430 N660010)
1 N/A N/A N/A Planning Consultations Pre-application
(EIA screening)
WLC Screening appl. LIVE/0139/EIA/15.
Bankhead Farm Nr. Detchmont
1 48m 0.1MW 0.1MW 3R Energy solutions for landowner Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 0373/FUL/11.
Bedlormie Mains Farm Nr. Blackridge
(E287063 N667720)
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Temporis Wind for landowner Pre-application
W Lothian planning ref. LIVE/0164/EIA/15.
Bishopbrae Farm Nr. Bathgate
(E297452 N671136)
1 34.2m. 0.05MW 0.05MW Greenfish Energy for Mr Tom Wilson Consented (30/01/2013)
WLC Ref. 0706/FUL/12, Endurance E3120 turbine.
Bishopbrae Farm (2) Torphichen
(E297370 N671439)
1 45m. N/A N/A UK Renewable Partnership Pre-application
screening request
Blackhill Farm Nr. West Calder
(E296172 N661305)
2 54.7m N/A N/A VG Energy for Mr Iain Tod Pre-application
Planning Ref. 0729/EIA/12, 29/10/2012.
Black Law Nr. Forth 8 (54) 110m 2.3MW 18.5MW (124MW) Sc. Power (Iberdrola) Operational
Most of the turbines are in Lanarkshire. Black Law WF - A,C, R00060SQSC (54, 124.2MW):
2004/5 MWh/ROCs:1,914
2005/6 MWh/ROCs:168,471; LF:19.9%
2006/7 MWh/ROCs:269,294 ; LF:24.8%
2007/8 MWh/ROCs:263,370; LF:24.1%
2008/9 MWh/ROCs:249,740; LF:23.0%
2009/10 MWh/ROCs:208,834; LF:19.2%
2010/11 MWh/ROCs:194,406; LF:17.9%
Rolling LF:22.1%
Black Law Ext., Phase I Nr. Forth
8 (23) 126.5m 3MW 24MW (69MW) Sc. Power (Iberdrola) Consented
Section 36 application. Most of turbines in Lanarkshire.
Consent letter(pdf).
Blackraw Farm Nr. Livingstone
(E307649 N665138)
1 48m 0.225MW 0.225MW Scaled Energy for Lord Stewart Aberdour Withdrawn
Screening appl. 0621/FUL/14, 08/09/2014. Endurance X35 turbine.
Braehead Farm Nr. Fauldhouse
(E292394 N660123)
1 78m N/A N/A Pre-application
Screening appl. 0425/EIA/12, 25/06/2012.
Burnhead Nr. Limerigg
(NS 88335 69285)
13 127m. 2MW 26MW Wind Prospect Scoping
70m anemometer mast consented.
Planning ref. 0234/EXC/10
Camilty Harburn, Nr. West Calder
(E305500 N659100)
6 132m 3.4MW 20.4MW Partnership for Renewables in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland Refused
Planning Ref. 0219/FUL/13
Couch Farm Nr. Harthill
(E291750 N663980)
1 86m 0.5-0.8MW 0.5-0.8MW Wind Harvest for landowner Pre-application
Planning Ref. 0206/EIA/13
Cowdenhead, Standhill Farm Armadale
(E292045 N667600)
2 84m 1.7MW 3.4MW Logan PM for Whiterock Energy UK Refused
Planning Ref. 0146/FUL/13
Drumduff Nr. Blackridge
(E289609 N669454)
?4 ?125m N/A N/A Halliday Fraser Munro for Green Breeze Pre-application
80m Mast Appl. 0540/EIA/12 Consented 25/02/2013.
Drumelzie Nr. Blackridge
(E288834 N669041)
1 126.5m 1.5MW 1.5MW Muirhall Energy Ltd Live application
W Lothian planning ref. LIVE/0154/FUL/15.
East Mains of Ballencrieff Farm Nr. Bathgate
(E297424 N670635)
1 34.2m 0.1MW 0.1MW Fine Energy Refused
Appl. Ref.0365/FUL/14. Turnkey scheme, E3120 turbine.
Fauch Hill Nr. West Calder 23 22x125m, 1x115m 3MW 69MW Fauch Hill Sustainable Energy Refused
Section 36 Application: Case ID 94295.
Project and land owned owned by European Forest Resources, owned by French energy conglomerate the Louis Dreyfus Group.
Freeport N side of B7015, West Calder
(E299602 N663959)
2 48.6m. 0.1MW 0.2MW 3R Energy Solutions Ltd for Mr Gary Bryce Refused
WLC Ref. 0170/FUL/13.
NPS 100 turbines.
Gowanbank Farm Nr. Avonbridge
(E292117 N671366)
2 35m 0.05MW 0.1MW Fine Energy Ltd Pre-application
Screening Ref. 0387/FUL/11 Endurance E3120 turbines.Previous 67m application withdrawn.
Greenburn Golf Club Nr. Fauldhouse
(E293150 N659860)
1 59.5m N/A N/A Dawn Energy LLP for applicant. Withdrawn
Appl. Ref.LIVE/0135/FUL/15.
Harburnhead Nr. West Calder 22 125m. 2.3MW 50.6MW Luz de Viento (LDV) Approved
Section 36 application: Case ID 94294.
Hartwood Home Farm Nr. West Calder,
(E302079 N661587)
1 46.3m 0.05MW 0.05MW AAH Planning consultants for Mr David Timpany Withdrawn
Application Ref. 0386/FUL/14.
Endurance E3120 turbine planned.
Heathland Forest Nr.Forth
(E296909 N658420)
25 Up to 132m 3.4MW 85MW Partnerships for Renewables (PfR) PAN re. S36 application
Screening Appl. Ref.0540/EIA/12.
Part in W Lanarkshire.
Heights Farm Nr. Blackridge
1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW WRS Energy for landowner Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 0389/FUL/11.
EWT Direct wind 750 turbine proposed.
Hilderston Nr. Bathgate
(E296888 N671570)
1 45m 0.225MW 0.225MW First Milk Energy for Mr W Nisbet Pre-application
Screening Appl. Ref.0540/EIA/12, 04/03/2013.
Holehouseburn Rashiehill, nr.Stoneyburn (E295942 N661337) 1 66m N/AMW N/AMW Mr W Hussain Pre-application
Screening appl. Ref. .
Kipps Farm Nr. Linlithgow
(NS 98941 73570)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Scaled Energy for landowner Refused
Appl. Ref. 0510/FUL/11
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Knock Farm Nr. Bathgate
(E299692 N671240)
2 70m 0.8MW 1.6MW J Meikle Withdrawn
Planning ref.0599/FUL/13.
Enercon E48 turbines proposed.
Latch Farm Nr. Kirknewton
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Arcus for Intelligent Land Investments Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 0266/FUL/11.
Limefield Farm Nr. Bathgate
(E298565 N669138)
1 35m. N/A N/A Fine Energy Ltd for landowner Pre-application
Screening Appl.
Planning ref.0815/EIA/12, 03/12/2012.
Livingston Waste Water Treatment Works, Kirkton Campus, Livingston
(E302414 N666846)
1 33m N/A N/A Scottish Water Pre-application
Screening opinion
Screening Appl.Ref.LIVE/0756/EIA/14.
Mid Breich Farm Nr. West Calder
(E300918 N665046)
2 34.4m 0.1MW 0.2MW TGC Renewables for Mr John Findlay Consented
Planning Ref. 0084/FUL/14.NPS NW100 turbines proposed.
Midseat Farm Nr. Blackburn
(E297385 N663175)
2 35m. N/A N/A Fine Energy Ltd for landowner Scoping
Screening Appl.
Planning ref.0816/EIA/12
Mossend Farm West Caulder
(E300695 N660933)
1 35m N/A N/A VG Energy Ltd for Mr R Watson Pre-application
Screening Appl. Ref.LIVE/0050/EIA/15.
Previous application for 77m turbine withdrawn.
Moss Hall Farm Nr. Blackburn
(E297327 N664256)
1 80m 0.011MW 0.011MW VG Energy Ltd for landowner Consented
Screening Appl. Ref.0326/FUL/12.
Moss Hall/Midseat Farms Nr. Blackburn
(E297316 N664450)
2 80m N/A N/A VG Energy Ltd for landowner Pre-application
Screening Appl. Ref.0703/EIA/14. “Extension” (180m) to approved Moss Hall turbine (0326/FUL/12).
Morton Farm Nr. Livingstone
(E307492 N662889)
1 34.5m 0.05MW 0.05MW Scaled Energy for Mr John Douglas Consented
Planning ref.0680/FUL/13. Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Nether Hillhouse Farm Nr. Westfield
(E669922 N292689)
1 45.9m N/A N/A Waterman Group for Mr Andrew Hughes Withdrawn
Planning Ref. 0740/FUL/12
Nether Longford Farm East of Breich
(E297679 N661369 and E297532 N661317)
2 42m 0.1MW 0.2MW Constantine Wind Energy Ltd for landowner Consented
Planning ref.0786/FUL/13. Northwinbd 100 24/30 turbines proposed.
Old Woodmuir Colliery Nr. West Calder
(E 297182 N660785)
1 110m N/A N/A Green Cat for RES Pre-application
Screening Appl.Ref.0248/EIA/14.
Ormiston Farm Nr. Kirknewton 1 61m 0.033MW 0.033MW Locogen for Mr Brian Simmers Approved at redetermination
Previous appeal refusal quashed, approved at re-determination.
Appeal Ref. : PPA-400-2033-1.
Appl. Ref. 0519-FUL-12.
Subsequent application LIVE/0820/FUL/15 (5/11/2015) to change turbine to EWT DW52 turbine, same overall height, bigger blades.
Pates Hill Nr. West Calder 7 107m. 2MW 14MW Your Energy Operational
Vestas V-80 turbines.
Consented June 2007. Project bought from ‘New Lives New Landscapes’.
Pates Hill Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00127SQSC.
Pates Hill - Extension Nr. West Calder
(E298794 N658377)
3 110m. 2MW 6MW New Lives New Landscapes Pre-application
WLC Screening appl. 0635/EIA/12 .
Community Response Group: North Pentlands Windfarm Action Group (NPWAG).
Pates Hill Nr. Blackburn
(E298633 N659223)
1 87m. 0.5MW 0.5MW EML Group for landowner Pre-application
Screening Appl.
Planning ref.0069/EIA/13, 31/01/2013.
Pearie Law Nr. West Calder 6 125m. 2MW 12MW EDF Refused
WLC Planning Ref. 0267/FUL/12.
Community Response Group: North Pentlands Windfarm Action Group (NPWAG).
Progress Rail Headrigg Road, Newton, South Queensferry
(E310506 N678256)
3 37m 0.075MW 0.225MW AE Associates for landowner Pre-application
80m Mast Appl. LIVE/0406/EIA/14.
4Navitas 4N-55 vertical axis turbines proposed.
Sibbald Park Blackridge
(E291509 N667380)
1 48.5m. 0.1MW 0.1MW Sue Hudson Planning for landowner Consented
Application Ref. 0360/FUL/14 (02/06/2014). Northwind 100 turbine proposed.
Starryshaw Braehead, Nr. Fauldhouse
(E290500 N660800)
4 125m. 3MW 12MW SKM Enviros for WilloWind Energy Pre-application (PAN, 03/10/2012)
WLC Ref. 0666/PAC/12
Previously 8 turbines, 4 in WL, now reduced to 4 inside N Lanarks part of site area.
Stoneyburn Farm Stoneyburn
(E297327 N662813)
1 34.2m 0.1MW 0.1MW Neo Environmental for landowner Screening
West Lothian planning ref.
Planning ref.LIVE/0568/EIA/15. NPS100 turbine proposed.
Swineabbey Farm Nr. Blackburn
(E297371 N665877)
1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW Waterman Group for Intelligent Land Investments Refused
WLC Planning Ref. 0220/FUL/13.Previous application (0417/FUL/12) for 45.9m turbine consented.
EWT 500kW turbine proposed.
Torbanehill Farm Nr. Bathgate
(E295380 N666276)
1 79m 0.5-0.8MW 0.5-0.8MW Green Power for landowner Scoping
Screening Appl.
Planning ref.0790/EIA/13
Tormeywheel Fauldhouse
15 111m. 2.05MW 30.75MW Muirhall Energy. Under construction
Consented at appeal, June 2007. Delayed due to NATS radar objections. Blades will not be fixed intil new radar is installed at Edinburgh airport in 2017. German Senvion MM92 turbines.
West Craigmarrie Farm Nr. Armadale
1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW WRS Energy for landowner Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 0390/FUL/11.
EWT Direct wind 750 turbine proposed.
Wester Blacklaws Longridge, Nr. Bathgate
(E295497 N663240)
1 47m N/A N/A Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 0418/FUL/12.
Wester Torrance Farm Harthill
(E290812 N666765)
1 124m N/A N/A Fine Energy Ltd. Pre-application
Screening appl. Ref. LIVE/0900/EIA/15.
Part of 2-turbine proposal, other in N.Lanarkshire.
Whiteside Nr. Bathgate
(E295402 N667597)
1 62m. 0.1 0.1 Hallam Land Refused
Application Ref. LIVE/0310/FUL/15. Northwind 100 turbine proposed.
Williamscraig Farm Nr. Linlithgow
(E299102 N675269)
3 31.5m 0.05MW 0.15MW Greenfish Withdrawn
WLC Planning Ref. 0486/FUL/12.
Seaforth 50kW turbines proposed.
Woodend Farm Nr. Armadale
1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW WRS Energy for landowner Withdrawn
Appl. Ref. 0388/FUL/11.
EWT Direct wind 750 turbine proposed.
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Wind turbine planning application register (download page).Planning search.

Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Auchencorth Moss Nr. Penicuik
14 102m. 2.5MW 35MW E.On UK Appeal rejected
Refused by LPA 11:3 following Officer’s rec.
Appeal Dismissed (11/06/2010) - decision letter (PDF file).
Response Group: PEPA
Beech Knowe Remote Farm Nr. Pathhead
(E340920 N664800)
1 67m 0.33MW 0.33MW Green Cat Renewables for E-gen Partners Ltd Refused
Planning Ref. 13/00202/DPP. Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Bowbeat extension Nr. Peebles 4 (5) 110m 2.3MW 9.2MW E.ON UK Scoping (2008)
4 turbines in Midlothian, 1 in Scottish Borders.
Cousland Equestrian Centre Nr. Inveresk
2 34.6m 0.05MW 0.1MW Passim Developments for Mr Ian Ross Operating
Planning Ref. 11/00401/DPP & 11/00402/DPP.
Endurance E-3120 turbines. Replacing 15m turbines.
Fordel Inn Fordel, Dalkeith
1 47.5m 0.1MW 0.1MW SAC Commercial for R H Miller (Agric.) Application refused
Planning Ref. 10/00163/DPP
Gilston Fordel, Dalkeith
9 (of 16) 115m 2MW 18MW (32MW) Ridgewind Appeal refused
Decision letter (PDF).
Appeal ref. PPA-140-2043.
Separate appeal (PPA-290-2022) on SBC turbines also refused (29/08/2013).
Refused by Midlothian Council 21/11/2012 and SBC 10/12/2012.
Midlothian Council planning ref. 11/00847/DPP
Hagbrae Farm Nr. Gorebridge
(E322652 N655517)
1 42m N/A N/A Renewables Unlimited for Andrew Lorrain-Smith and First Milk Energy. Screening application
MC Planning Ref. 13/00053/SCR.
Within Borthwick & Crichton Conservation Area and AGLV.
Halkerston Farm Nr. Gorebridge
(NT 34470 57900)
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Temporis Screening application
MC Planning Ref. 14/00657/SCR.
Springfield Moss Farm (‘Leadburn Manor Fishery’) Springfield Moss, Nr. Leadburn
(E322652 N655517)
1 45m 0.225MW 0.225MW Neo Environmental Ltd for Landowner Screening application
MC Planning Ref. 13/00053/SCR.
2xCF50 turbines consented 2011 at Rosemay Farm, 590m NW of site (see below).
Monteith House Farm Nr. Gorebridge
(T1: E335031 N662400
T2: E335115 N662331)
2 34.5m 0.05MW 0.1MW AAH Planning Consultants Ltd for Mr J Grant Ritchie Refused
Application Ref. 14/00360/DPP. Endurance E3210 turbines.
Mount Lothian Nr. Penecuik
(E326843 N655899)
9 102m 2.3MW 20.7MW Wind Prospect Appeal refused
Appeal Ref. PPA-290-2025.
Planning resubmission: Application Ref. 14/00044/DPP.
Previous Application (13/00063/DPP) withdrawn.
Response Group: PEPA.
Pomathorn Farm 370m E of Loanstone Crossing, Nr. Penecuik. 1 35.2m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Andrew Lambie Consented
Appl. Ref. 13/00902/DPP, NWP100 turbine.
Amendment of consented proposal for 33.2m turbine: 13/00501/DPP. Previous application for 45.1m turbine (Application Ref. 13/00012/DPP) withdrawn 05/04/2013.
Response Group: PEPA
Rosemay Farm Nr. Leadburn
(E321998 N655270)
2 30m 0.05MW 0.1MW Ecodyn for Messrs. J & R McCran Consented
Planning Ref. 11/00817/DPP.
Harbon HWT60 turbines proposed.
Application to extend duration of permission 01/06/2015.
Response Group: PEPA
Southfield Farm Nr. Cousland
(E338146 N667574)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Realise Renewables for Mr David Dalrymple Consented
Planning Ref. 12/00051/DPP.
Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Springfield Farm Nr. Penecuik
(E322343 N656060/E322142 N655990)
2 35.5m 0.1MW 0.2MW Springfield Energy Ltd Appeal allowed
DPEA Ref.PPA-290-2031. MC Planning Ref. 15/00365/DPP
Majority refusal, 6:4 .
Whitebog Stables Nr. Rosewell
1 45.7m 0.225MW 0.225MW Passim Developments for Doreen Monteith Application withdrawn
Planning Ref. 11/00502/DPP
ACSA-A27 turbine proposed.


(See also: East Lothian Council - Wind Application Database, Screening Register,
and SABEL’s ‘Turbines Near You’ Google mapping showing locations of wind turbines listed in ELC Planning database).
Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Abbey Mains Nr. Haddington
1 34.2m. 0.05MW 0.05MW Passim Developments for J K Playfair & Sons Appeal dismissed
ELC Planning Ref. 12/00278/P.
Appealed: LRB meeting Thurs. 24 Oct. 2pm.

Endurance E1320 turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Aikengall Nr. Innerwick
16 125m. 3MW 48MW Community Windpower Ltd. Operational
Vestas V90 turbines.
Consented 13/03/07, against Officer's advice by Convenor’s casting vote.
Site in AGLV, SSSI within site.
Contiguous with Crystal Rig. Unlike CR, is very visible from the coast.
Aikengall Windfarm - Generator ID: R00095SQSC.
Aikengall II/Wester Dod Monynut Edge, Nr. Innerwick
19 125m 3MW 57MW Community Windpower Ltd. Operational
Section 36 application, see: Scottish Consents website.
30 turbines until July 2010: 22 in East Lothian, 8 in SBC area (cut to 22 after objection from SBC); 19 eventually consented.
Extends the Crystal Rig/Aikengall mega-complex of turbine sites south across the Monynut Ridge.
See also Aikengall IIa, 19 145m & 125m turbine extension in SBC area (below). Consented 19/10/2016.
Alderston Mains Huntington, nr. Haddington 1 34.2m. 0.05MW 0.05MW The Green Company
Mr G Hastie
Application Ref. 10/00585/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Amisfield Farm Nr. Haddington
(351495 675732 or 352035 675314)
1 67m. 0.33MW 0.33MW 3R Energy Solutions for landowner Screening
Screening request.
Local response group: SABEL.
Baro Farm Nr. Garvald
(355665 669438)
2 47.5m 0.1MW 0.2MW Myriad CEG for landowner Withdrawn
ELC Planning Ref.11/00778/P.
Northwind 100 turbines proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Belhaven Fruit Farm Nr. Dunbar
(677580 3650314)
2 37.5m 0.03MW 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Ian Rennie Application Withdrawn
2 Hannevind 22/30kw turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
Application Ref. 10/00911/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Belhaven Trout Co. Nr. Dunbar
(677590 364686)
2 37.5m 0.03MW 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Ian Rennie Application Withdrawn
2 Hannevind 22/30kw turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
Application Ref. 10/00910/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Blackcastle Hill Nr. Dunbar
(N371614 E671871)
1 56.3m 0.5MW 0.5MW Locogen for Dunbar Community Energy Company (Sustaining Dunbar) Ltd> Appeal dismissed
Appeal Ref. PPA-210-2039.
Refused following officer recommendation 09/05/2013.
ELC Ref. 10/00911/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Brownrigg Farm Nr. North Berwick 1 37.5m. 0.03MW 0.03MW Maden Design for Mr John Trainer Refused
1 Hannevind 22/30kw turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
Application Ref. 10/00913/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Cairndinnis Farm Traprain, East Linton
(674683 357062)
2 37.5m. 0.03MW 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Euan Smith Live application
2 Hannevind 22/30kw turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
ELC Planning Ref.11/00281/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Carfrae Farmhouse Gifford, nr. Haddington 1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW 3R Energy Solutions
Mr H Gibson
Consented at appeal 21/10/2011.
Application Ref. 10/00658/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Coates Farm Nr. Longniddry
(347565 676094)
1 36m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Alistair Peace Withdrawn
ELC Planning Ref.12/00493/P.
Northwind 100 turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Cockielaw Nr. Haddington
E359126 N673400
1 40.35m 0.1MW 0.1MW 3R Energy Solutions
Estate of Mr James Clerk (dec’d.)
Appeal refused
Appeal Ref. PPA-210-2020.
Originally, 3 x 19.82 turbines within setting of farm steading were consented; larger turbine - delegated refusal comfirmed at review - landscape impacts on Traprain Law.
Application Ref. 11/00042/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Colstoun House Nr. Haddington
(352877 670241)
1 51m 0.5MW 0.5MW Intelligent Land Investments (Renewable Energy) Ltd Withdrawn
ELC Planning Ref.11/00883/P.
Turbowinds EWT 54DW turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Crossgatehall (Standingstone) Nr. Haddington
N673373 E356700
1 67m 0.33MW 0.33MW 3R Energy Solutions for Mr James Clark Application withdrawn
ELC Application Ref. 11/00211/P. Enercon E33 turbine.
Subsequent appl., 11/001103/P also withdrawn (23/03/12).
Local response group: SABEL.
Crystal Rig, Phase 2. (NT660690) 29 (52) 30x110m
128.8MW Natural Power Operating
Consented (01/05/04), 23 Turbines in Sc. Borders
29 in East Lothian.
Site in AGLV.
Crystal Rig II Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00103SQSC.
Crystal Rig, Phase 2a (NT678678) 9 125m. 3MW 27MW Natural Power Operating
Nos. Increase to Crystal Rig 2.
Site in AGLV, 2.3km of new access tracks.
Crystal Rig II Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00103SQSC.
Crystal Rig - ‘Phase 3’ North of existing Phase 2, 2a Reduced to 7 from 11, may be reduced to 6 125m. 3MW 21MW Natural Power
for Fred Olsen Renewables
Scottish Government, Electricity Consents Unit.
ELC planning page: N/A.
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00722/S36.
See also: ‘Crystal Rig III Wind Farm, Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report, July 2010’ (3.8Mb PDF download).
Yet another increase to the Crystal Rig WF complex.
Very low (1K per MW, p.a.) community fund offered. Site in AGLV.
Crystal Rig - ‘Phase 4’ Area surrounding existing turbine sites 26 “up to 135m” “up to 3MW” “up to 78MW” Natural Power
for Fred Olsen Renewables
Pre-application (scoping)
ELC planning page: N/A.
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00722/S36.
Yet another opportunistic expansion to the Crystal Rig WF complex.
See also: ‘Crystal Rig III Wind Farm, Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report, July 2010’ (3.8Mb PDF download).
Very low (1K per MW, p.a.) community fund offered. Site in AGLV.
Response group: Save the Lammermuirs (STL).
Dunbar (Lafarge Cement Works) Nr. Skateraw, Dunbar 3 100m. 2MW 6MW EDF Application withdrawn
Appl. No. 10/00196/P.
Response group:
Local response group: SABEL.
East Mains, Samuelston Nr. Haddington 1 35.5m 0.06MW 0.06MW 3R for J & AJ Thomsen Consented
ELC Ref. 13/00354/P. mNP60 turbine proposed.
New Mains, Fenton Barns Nr. North Berwick
E351155 N681019
3 30m 0.015MW 0.045MW Vigor Renewables Consented
Application Ref. 10/00447/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Ferneylea Nr. Oldhamstocks
E374697 N669900
2 71m 0.275MW 0.55MW Tods Murray LLP
for Mr John McGregor
Consented at appeal
Close to Hoprigshiels scheme (SBC).
DPEA Case No.PPA-210-2025.
ELC Application Ref. 10/00769/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Ferneylea 2 Nr. Oldhamstocks
E373504 N669024
6 Up to 115m 2.05MW 12.3MW XSCH Ltd for Mr John McGregor Live Application
ELC Ref. 15/00363/P.
Extension to Ferneylea 1, and close to Hoprigshiels scheme (SBC).
.Senvion MM82 turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Forth Array
17km off St Abbs Head 70-90 163m. 5MW 415MW Fred Olsen Renewables Ltd Abandoned
FOR have announced withdrawal in favour of onshore development. (BusinessGreen, 19 Nov 2010)
SBC “Scoping Opinion requested 23 March 2010 (provided 8 April 2010)”.
Site covered c. 130 sq. km.
Harperdean Farm Nr. Haddington
E350708 N675374
1 33.05m 0.053MW 0.053MW V G Energy for J & W Jenkinson Withdrawn
ELC Application Ref. 11/00987/P.
Polaris P17 turbine.
Local response group: SABEL.
Hoprig Farm Nr. Longniddry
1 47.5m 0.1MW 0.1MW Locogen for landowner Pre-application
Screening documents available on the ELC website.
Local response group: SABEL.
Howden Farm Nr. Gifford
E349622 N667958
1 34.4m ?MW ?MW VG Energy for Mr Douglas Scott Consented
Smaller WES turbine resub.
ELC Application No. 11/00839/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Keith Hill NE of Dun Law (Soutra) adj. to Pogbie 6 76m 0.8MW 4.8MW Energy workshop for Mr Sandy Hodge Consented
Planning Ref. 10/00985/P.
Previous application for 10 x 93.5m turbines refused by ELC (02/09/09) on landscape grounds. Appeal refused (15/02/10) P/PPA/210/2006.
Kidlaw Farm Nr. Gifford
1 c. 80m c. 1.0MW c. 1.0MW Energy Workshop for landowner Pre-application
Screening documents available on the ELC website.
Local response group: SABEL.
Markle Mains Nr. East Linton
(E356700 N673373)
1 48m 0.1MW 0.1MW Smiths Gore for A W & A Middlemass Refused.
Confirmed by LRB
Local Review Body confirmed refusal (26/09/2013).
ELC Application Ref. 11/00234/P. Northwind 100 turbine.
Local response group: SABEL.
Marvingston Farm Nr. Gifford
1 74m 0.8MW 0.8MW Locogen for landowner Live application
ELC Application Ref. 11/00666/P 22/07/11.
Enercon E53 proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Muirton Drem Farm Nr. Drem
N673373 E356700
2 34.2m 0.05MW 0.1MW Green Company for Mr Douglas Russell Appeal consented
Application to extend consent (17/11/2016).
Refused 26/08/11, LRB allowed appeal. ELC Application Ref. 10/00983/P. Endurance E3120 turbine.
Local response group: SABEL.
Mungoswells Nr. Drem
(N349905 E678613)
1 34.5m 0.05MW 0.05MW AAH Planning Consultants Ltd for A J McDowall Ltd. Application withdrawn
ELC Ref. 14/00415/P.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Newlands Farm Nr. Gifford 1 35m 0.05MW 0.05MW Arcus for landowner Pre-application
ELC Screening opinion 15/02/11.
Local response group: SABEL.
Nisbet Farm Pencaitland 1 34.4m 0.1MW 0.1MW Realise Renewables for Winton Estate Refused
ELC Ref. 13/00712/P.
NPS100-23-24 turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
Over Hailes Nr. East Linton 2 46m 0.05MW 0.1MW The Green Co. for landowner. Refused
Review dismissed 19/09/2012.
ELC Planning Ref.11/00469/P (22/07/11).
Local response group: SABEL.
Pogbie 1 Pogbie, Nr. Soutra Law 6 76m 0.85MW
(Vestas V52)
5.1MW Natural Power
Pogbie Farms
Planning Ref. 08/00823/FUL.
East side of A68, Just north of Dun Law I/II.
Pogbie 2 Pogbie, Nr. Soutra Law
(same site as Pogbie 1)
6 74m 0.8MW 4.8MW Renewables Unlimited LLP for Pogbie Windfarm Ltd Live application
Planning Ref. 15/00536/P.
Application to extend consented but not yet built Pogbie I scheme.
Queen Margaret University Musselborough
(E333184 N671326)
1 47.5m. 0.1MW 0.1MW Locogen for Queen Margaret University Consented at Appeal
Appeal Ref. PPA-210-2040.
ELC Planning Ref. 12/00874/P.
Close to A1. Northwind 100 turbine.
Rowan Park Nr. Gifford 1 76m 0.5MW 0.5MW Arcus/Temporis for landowner Application withdrawn
ELC Appl. Ref. 11/00591/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Ruchlaw Mains Nr. Stenton 1 48.7m 0.1MW 0.1MW Ecodyn for Mr James Wyllie Operating
ELC Ref. 09/00837/P.
510m from Stenton Village.
Ruchlaw Mains - Generator ID (FiT): G01769NWSC.
Samuelston South Mains Nr. Pencaitland
1 34.4m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr James Logan Consented
ELC Ref. 14/00377/P.
NPS100 turbine proposed.
Seggarsdean Farm Nr. Haddington (673127 35377) 1 79m 0.5MW 0.5MW Logan PM for Intelligent Land Investments Application withdrawn
ELC Appl. Ref. 11/00411/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Directwind 900 turbine.
South Belton Farm Nr. Dunbar 1 49m 0.1MW 0.1MW AE Associates for Urban Wind Ltd Withdrawn
Re-application: 13/00100/P, NPS100 turbine.
Previous appl. 2010 for 2 Hannevind 30kw turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011), appl. ref. 10/00912/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Spott Estate Nr, Innerwick
(E370536 N673519)
8 87m 0.8MW 6.4MW Green Cat Renewables for Kilmac Energy Ltd. Pre-application
Scoping opinion supplied 06/03/2012.
Local response group: SABEL.
Stenton Community Turbine Ruchlaw, West Mains, Stenton 1 67m. 0.33MW 0.33MW ‘Carbon Neutral Stenton’ Application withdrawn
Enercon 33 turbine. Application Ref. 10/00615/P.
Outside conservation area, nr. Pressmennan Lake and Woods.
“Stenton is a community in turmoil...” (Letter).
Local response group: SABEL.
Stonelaws Farm Nr. East Linton 3 37.5m. 0.03MW 0.09MW Maden Design for Mr Colin Hunter Live application
3 Hannevind 22/30kw turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
Application Ref. 10/00914/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Templehall Farm Nr. Ormiston
(E347966 N669923)
1 42m. 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Barclay Hamilton (20/06/2014)
Application Ref. 14/00279/P.
Local response group: SABEL. NPS 100 turbine proposed.
Townhead Farm Nr. Gifford (NT551688) 1 34.4m. 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Townhead (McDowall) Ltd Refused
ELC Ref.15/00666/P. NPS100-24 turbine proposed.
Previous scoping for 41.7m turbine.
Earlier application for 2 WES18 turbines withdrawn 26/10/2011.
Local response group: SABEL.
Tranent Riding Centre Tranent 2 31m 0.06MW 0.12MW 1Stop renewables for owners Pre-application
Harbon HWT60 turbines.
ELC Screening opinion 06/06/2012.
Local response group: SABEL.
Ugston Farm Nr. Haddington
(349309 674929)
1 49.17m. 0.08MW 0.08MW VG Energy for Mr Robert Dykes Deemed refusal*
*Failure to provide required EIA.
ELC Planning Ref. 11/00615/P.
WES 18 turbine.
Local response group: SABEL.
Waughton Nr. East Linton
1 34.2m 0.055MW 0.055MW TGC Renewables for landowners. Refused
Refusal appealed (09/2012).
ELC Planning Ref. 12/00028/P.
Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
West Fortune Nr. Haddington 1 60.5m. 0.33MW 0.33MW PPCA Ltd for landowner Consented at Appeal
Refused 11/06/2012. Appeal Ref. PPA-210-2027.
ELC Planning Ref. 11/00467/P.
Enercon E-33 turbine.
Local response group: SABEL.
West Garleton Nr. Garleton
1 47.5m 0.1MW 0.1MW The Green Co. for landowner Pre-application
Alternative site to Waughton.
ELC screening docs.
Local response group: SABEL.
West Mains Farm Nr. Haddington
(NT574727 and NT575726)
2 34.2m. 0.05 0.1MW The Green Co. for Mr Jack Russell Refused
Appeal dismissed.
Planning Ref. No. 10/00982/P.
Endurance-E3120 turbines.
Local response group: SABEL.
Whittinghame Mains Nr. Haddington
E359762 N673730
1 40.35m 0.1MW 0.1MW 3R Energy
for Mr Michael Brander
Refused at appeal
Appeal Ref. 12/00002/P01.
Planning permission granted in July 2010 for 3 x 19.82m turbines.
Large turbine Refused on landscape impacts on Traprain Law.
Application Ref. 10/00767/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
>Woodhall Farm Nr. Innerwick 1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW Arcus/Temporis for Mr Macaskill Operating
Consented at appeal
Appealed for non-determination, Ref. PPA-210-2026.
ELC Planning Ref. 11/00921/P.
Local response group: SABEL.
Woollands Nr. Oldhamstocks 1 53m 0.33MW 0.33MW GF White for Purely Scottish Pre-application
ELC screening opinion 06/10/10.
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Local response group: SABEL.
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(See also: Scottish Borders Council - Windfarm Database and Maps).
Name Place No. Height Max. MW Max. Capacity Developer Status Planning
Response Gp.
Addinston Farm Nr. Lauder
(E351523 N653962)
1 48m 0.2-0.275MW 0.2-0.275MW FairWind Energy Ltd for landowner Application refused
SBC Planning ref. 13/00095/FUL.
Vergnet GEV MP turbine proposed.
Aikengall IIa Monynut, nr. Innerwick
(E371793 N666791)
19 145m & 125m N/A 97MW ‘Community Windpower’ Ltd Approved
Section 36 application, SBC Ref. 14/00169/S36.
Extension to Aikengall I (16 x 125m) and Aikengall II (19 x 125m), both in ELC area.
SBC voted to object (01/09/2014) and again (02/03/2015), against offficer advice, to the revised scheme. Part of site in original Aikengall II application, until turbines in SBC area withdrawn following SBC objection.
Airhouse Farm Oxton
(E347641 N653063)
1 49m. N/A N/A Genatec Ltd Pre-application
SBC Ref. 15/00247/SCR.
Alemill Farm Nr. Eyemouth
(E391145 N663868,
E391242 N663843)
2 34.5m. 0.05MW 0.10MW Fine Energy Ltd Application refused
LRB appeal in progress.
Planning Ref. 14/00115/FUL.Turnkey scheme, Endurance E3120 turbines.
Previous screening 25/08/2010 for 62m turbine, following scoping opinion for 8 lge.turbines, 06/06/07.
Allanshaws (Shaw Park) Nr. Stow 9 99.5m. 2.3MW 20.7MW Green Cat Renewables for J G Shanks & Son. Appeal refused
Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2049.
SBC Ref.
11/01175/FUL, refused 08/10/2013.
Same site area as previously refused Sell Moor scheme.
Candidate turbine: Enercon E70.
Ayton Mains Nr. Ayton 2 34.4m 0.055MW 0.11MW George F White for Messrs. Liddell-Grainger Refused
SBC Ref. 13/00454/FUL (25/05/2012).
Ayton Castle estate.
Endurance E3120 turbines proposed.
Baddinsgill Nr. West Linton
(NT12280 55954)
1 78m 0.5MW 0.5MW Muirhall Energy for Baddinsgill WT Ltd Withdrawn
SBC Planning Ref. 11/01692/FUL.
Powerwind 500 turbine.
Bairnkine Steward's Cottage, Nr. Jedburgh
(E364715; N615440 & E364852 N615498)
2 46.1m 0.05MW 0.1MW Carleton Border Services for Mr Matthew Tile Refused
SBC Planning Ref. 12/00030/FUL.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Land SE Of Barnside Farm Abbey St Bathens (NT756614) 1 54m 0.25MW 0.25MW Greenviro for Mr James Dobie Application withdrawn
SBC. Application Ref. 11/00316/FUL.
See also application at Weirburn House ASB.
Barrel Law Nr. Ashkirk 7 132m 3.4MW 23.8MW ABO Wind. Pre-application
SBC Ref. 17/00338/SCO.
Previous application and appeal refused: SBC 12/00191/FUL. Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2046.
Bassendean Hill Farm Nr. Gordon
1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW Amec for Mr Roddam Home Operating
Majority refusal (5:4, 3 abstentions) on landscape grounds. Consented at appeal (24/04/2013)
SBC Planning Ref. 11/01132/FUL.
Community response group:
LPG - Lauderdale Preservation Group.
Bassendean Farm NE of Bassendean Hill Cottage, Nr. Gordon 1 67m 0.5MW 0.5MW SKM for Mr James McDougal Application refused
Application Ref. 13/01239/FUL.
Refused on landscape impacts.
Birkenside Farm Birkenside Farm, Nr. Earlston
(E356860 N642751)
1 36.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Carleton Border services for AS Hogg & Parners Consented
Revised application (from 54m). SBC Planning Ref. No. 12/00109/FUL.
Birneyknowe Nr. Bonchester Bridge 15 132m “up to 64MW” Banks. Live application
Section 36 application, SBC Ref. 14/00530/S36.
SBC Councillors have unanimously agreed to lodge an objection to the scheme.
Blackburn Blackburn Farm, nr. Grantshouse
6 126.5m. 2.3MW 13.8MW Volkswind Appeal dismissed
Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2036.
Unanimous refusal following officer’s recommendation 06/08/2012.
SBC Planning Ref. 11/01077/FUL.
Blackburn Rig Farm Nr. Grantshouse 1 35m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Hardie Consented
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00113/FUL.
Height reduced from 50.1m to 35m 04/2014.
Northern Power 100 turbine proposed.
Blackhouse Farm Blackhouse Farm, Reston
1 70m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Locogen for WB & AG Swan Consented at review
SBC Planning Ref. No. 11/00674/FUL
Gamesa G52 turbine.
Blackhouse Farm 2 Blackhouse Farm, Reston
(E382123 N661142, E381830 N661333)
2 74m. 0.8MW 1.6MW Locogen for WB & AG Swan Pre-application
SBC Planning Ref. No. 14/00672/SCR. Screening application 2 more 74m turbines (see 11/00674/FUL, above).
Enercon E48 turbines proposed. Likely to be derated.
Blackhouse Farm (2) Blackhouse Farm, Reston
1 74m. 0.8MW 0.8MW Locogen for WB & AG Swan Consented
Application for 70m turbine (11/00674/FUL) consented at review 27/10/2011 after refusal on landscape impacts.
New application for larger Enercon E48 turbine: SBC Planning Ref. No. 12/01091/FUL.
Black Hill Nr. Duns
22 78m. 1.3MW 28.6MW RES Operational
Siemens SWT 1.3 turbines.
Black Hill Wind Farm - A - Generator ID: R00076SQSC.
Blackrig Langton Lees, Near Duns
(E372149 N652966)
10 130m 3MW 30MW RES Pre-application
(PAN submitted 20/01/2016)
Scoping application: 13/01366/SCO.
80m mast application approved 15/08/2013: SBC Ref. 13/00700/FUL.
Blackmains Nr. Reston
3 126.5m 3MW 9MW Enertrag Not progressed
As of 03/2017.
Enertrag submitted a request for Scoping Opinion to SBC on 28/06/11.
Preliminary exhibitions were held.
Blaewearie Blackhaugh Farm, nr. Clovenfords
(341 639)
6 110m. 2MW 12MW Lomond Energy/Arcus for Mr Andrew Elliot, Blackhaugh Farm Not progressed
Scoping opinion requested from SBC, 07/10/10 (available on SBC website).
LE Scoping Report (6.21Mb PDF file).
60m anem. mast approved (11/02/10).
Blinkbonny Nr. Mellerstain 2 100m 2.3MW 4.6MW Green Cat Renewables for Mr Jimmy Shanks Application withdrawn
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00561/FUL.
Ene4rcon E70 turbine proposed.
Blinkbonny 2 Nr. Mellerstain
(NT6650 3958)
1 74m 0.8MW 0.8MW Green Cat Renewables for Mr Jimmy Shanks Application refused
SBC Planning Ref. 13/01397/FUL.
Enercon E48 turbine proposed.
Refused on landscape, amenity and archaeology.
Blue Cairn Farm Nr. Galashiels
1 47.1m 0.1MW 0.1MW 3R Energy Solutions for G W & K L M Weir Application withdrawn

SBC Planning Ref. 11/00868/FUL.
Bogangreen Cottages Nr. Eyemouth
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Maden Eco for Mr Alan Henry Application withdrawn
Application Ref. 12/00536/FUL, Replacement for 30.3m Hannevind turbine (10/01605/FUL) deliberately collapsed by Maden Eco 13/12/2011 after brake failure, 2 wks. after commissioned. Hannevind insolvent 21/10/2011.
Bogbank Nr. Coldingham
(E385335 N664717)
N/A N/A N/A N/A Amec for Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA) Pre-application
Application for 40m anem. mast 13/01182/FUL.
BHA have permission for 3 x 115m turbines at Hoprigshiels, consented against officer advice.
Border Precision Services Pinnacle Hill Ind. Est., Kelso 1 69m. 0.5MW 0.5MW 1 Stop Renewables for Border Precision SSAS Application refused
SBC Ref. 13/01052/FUL.

problems with original consent (07/02334/FUL) for 70m turbine.
BPS in administration.
Emly Bank (Bowbeat) Peebles
12 80m 1.3MW 15.6MW E.ON UK Operating (2002)
Appl. 00/00371/FUL, appr. 25/09/2000
Nordex N60 turbines.
Emly Bank (Bowbeat) - Generator ID: R00020SQSC.
Roughside Hill (Bowbeat) nr. Peebles
12 80m 1.3MW 15.6MW E.ON UK Operating (2002)
Appl. 00/00371/FUL, appr. 25/09/2000
Nordex N60 turbines.
Roughside Hill (Bowbeat) - Generator ID: R00019SQSC.
Bowbeat Extension Nr. Eddleston (NT288473) 1 (5) 110m. 2.3MW 2.3MW (12.5MW) E.ON UK Pre-application
1 turbine in SB. 4 in Midlothian.
Scoping opinion provided 01.08.08 (available on SBC website).
Bowshiel Farm Nr. Grantshouse
(E378449 N668292).
5 110m N/A N/A Electrawinds UK Ltd for Samuel White & Co. Ltd. Pre-application
SBC Appl. Ref. 12/01394/FUL (12/11/2012) for 80m mast.
SNH letter warns that any WF appl. would be problematic - cumulation.
Broadmeadows Yarrowford, nr. Selkirk
8 112m 2.5MW 20MW Green Power Refusal confirmed at appeal
Appeal rejected.
Unanimous refusal by councillors, following planning officer’s advice, (13/06/11).
Response group: Broadmeadows Action Group
Brockholes Brockholes Farm, nr. Grantshouse
3 79m. 0.9MW 2.7MW Green Cat Renewables
for Mr J Prentice
09/00516/FUL. Officer recommended approval. Consented 12/05/2010.
Brockholes wind cluster - Generator ID: G01841NWSC
Broomiebank Farm Houndslow, Nr. Gordon
(E363432 N647983).
1 66.25m 0.5MW 0.5MW Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM)/Kinetica Energy Pre-application
SBC Screening Appl. Ref. 12/01500/SCR, 04/12/2012.
SW of Brown's Cottage, Hundalee Nr. Jedburgh
(E362989 N618961).
1 45m N/A N/A Wilson Fearnall Ltd for Endurance Windpower Pre-application
SBC Ref. 14/01124/SCR, 03/10/2014.
Brunta Hill Nr. Westruther
8 100m 2.5MW 20MW PNE Wind Appeal dismissed
Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2047.
Unanimous refusal followed officer recommendation 05/08/2013.
SBC Planning Ref. 11/01444/FUL .
Burnhouse Mains Nr. Stow 1 79m N/A N/A Mr James Campbell Pre-application
(Screening application 14/08/2015)
SBC Ref. 15/00951/SCR.
Same area as Longmuir Rigg/Rowantree schemes.
Bushelhill Farm Nr. Monynut Edge & Aikengall II 1 100m 2.3MW 2.3MW SAC Consulting for Mr Shell Pre-application
Two possible sites: Corse Hill, Black Hill.
SBC: “Screening opinion request – circulated to internal consultees & East Lothian Council 8/10/10”.
Response group:
Save the Lammermuirs (STL)
Buskin Farm Nr. Eyemouth
2 30.3m 0.03MW 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Peter Wright Consented
SBC Application No. 10/01582/FUL.
Hannevind turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
Carcant Nr. Heriot
3 107m. 2.3MW 6.9MW Airtricity Operational
Siemens 2.3 turbines. Airtricity acquired from AMEC.Consented 09.06.
Carcant Windfarm - Generator ID: R00128SQSC.
Castlemains Farm Nr. Duns
3 40m 0.1MW 0.3MW The Green company for Mr Wilson Nimmo Consented
SBC Ref. 11/01086/FUL.
Height reduced from 47m.
(Amalgamated with Girthgate)
Nr. Stow 15 [110m] [2.5MW] [37.5MW] Muirhall Energy and Lomond Energy Withdrawn
Proposal amalgamated with Girthgate, under that name, prior to withdrawal of application.
Chesterbank Nr. Lamberton
(E395375 N659230)
1 99.7m 0.5MW 0.5MW AAH Planning Consultants Ltd for James Wood & Sons Refused
Appeal for non-determination refused. SBC Application Ref. 14/00194/FUL. Application validated 19/02/2014, appealed for non-determination 02/06/2014.
Clackmae Farm Nr. Earlston
(E355703 N639152)
1 34.4m 0.1MW 0.1MW V G Energy Ltd Consented at appeal
SBC Ref. 15/00179/FUL.
Delegated refusal overturned by SBC local review body 21/09/2015.
NP 100 turbine proposed.
Clockmill Farm/NW Of Cedar Cottage Nr. Duns
(E376518 N654336, E376604 N654255)
2 34.4m 0.05MW 0.05MW George F White for Mr A J Hodge Refused
Reapplication, SBC Ref. 12/00453/FUL replaced 11/00796/FUL.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Cloich Forest Nr. Eddleston
18 115m 3MW 54MW Partnership for Renewables for Forestry Commission Scotland Consented
S36 application, ECU Ref. EC00003108 .
SBC Planning Ref. 12/01283/S36.
Clyde Extension Nr. Biggar 3 (54) 125.5m & 142m. 3MW 9MW (162MW) SSE website Consented

S36 application (11/10/2011) for 54 wind turbines:
44 up to 142m, 10 of up to 125.5m, 3 in SBC area. Extension to 152-turbine Clyde 1. Following fast on consented 152 turbines, not yet operational.3 in SBC area.
See ECU website.
Coldstream Mains Nr. Coldstream
1 53m 0.33MW 0.33MW Mr & Mrs C MacGregor Not pursued.
SBC. “Screening Opinion requested 12 April 2010 (provided 27 April 2010)”.
Collielaw Farm
(“West Of Bowerhouse Farmhouse”)
Nr. Oxton 3 47.01m 0.225MW 0.675MW TGC Renewables Ltd Pre-application
Revised Screening Application for 3 turbines, from 4, 13/00482/SCR.
Norwin 30 turbines proposed.
Corbie Shank, Craik Forest Craik Forest, nr. Hawick
73 N/A ca. 150MW REC Ltd. Pre-application
SBC. Sect 36 scoping opinion provided 08.04.03
Corsbie Moor Nr. Legerwood
9 126.5m 2-3MW 18-27MW E.ON UK Renewables. Appeal refused
Appeal refused on grounds of cumulative visual impacts - Refusal Notice.
Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2037.
Unanimous refusal(03/09/2012) following officer recommendation.
SBC Planning Ref. 11/00888/FUL.
Community response group:
LPG - Lauderdale Preservation Group.
Cothill Farm “NE of Kirkburn Hse.”, Nr. Greenlaw
1 40m 0.05MW 0.05MW Enviko Ltd for Mr David Seed Withdrawn
SBC Application Ref. 12/00267/FUL.
C & F CF50 Turbine.
Cowieslinn Nr. Eddleston 2 80m ?MW ?MW WhiteRock Energy Ltd Pre-application
SBC Screening Opinion (PDF download) supplied 26/05/11.
60m anem. mast approved (11/00770/FUL), 26/08/2011.
Crosslaw Farm Nr. Coldingham 2 30m 0.03MW 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Douglas Allan Consented
Hannevind turbines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
SBC Application No. 10/01582/FUL.
Crossrig Farm Nr. Hutton
(E388600 N651815)
4 126.5m 2MW 8MW Savills for Airvolution Energy Ltd. Abandoned
Scheme abandoned 05/2013 (see press article).
SBC Appl.11/01319/FUL for 60m anem. mast consented 21/11/2011.
Community response group:
Crystal Rig - ‘Phase 1’ (NT678678) 20 100m. 2.5MW 50MW Fred Olsen Renewables/
Natural Power
Operating (2003)
Appl 01/00269/FUL, appr. 10.09.01
Site in AGLV. Extension & C.R. Phase 2 consented, see below.
Crystal Rig Windfarm - A,E - Generator ID: R00049SQSC.
Crystal Rig - ‘Phase 1a’. (NT660690) 5 125m. 2.5MW 12.5MW Fred Olsen Renewables/
Natural Power
Nordex N80 turbines.
Site in AGLV.
Crystal Rig - ‘Phase 2’ (NT678678) 23 (52) 30x110m
128.8MW Fred Olsen Renewables/
Natural Power
Section 36 appl. 01.05.04, 23 Turbines in Sc. Borders, 29 in East Lothian.
Further 9 (‘Phase IIa’) in East Lothian.
Proposed Phase 3 extension (11 x 125m) wholly in EL.
Site in AGLV.
Crystal Rig II Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00103SQSC.
Crystal Rig - ‘Phase 4’ Area surrounding existing turbine sites 11 “up to 200m” “up to 4MW” up to 44MW Natural Power
for Fred Olsen Renewables
Pre-application (scoping)
(revised 03/2017)
SBC Ref. 17/00337/SCO.
Yet another opportunistic S36 expansion to the Crystal Rig complex.
See also: ‘Crystal Rig III Wind Farm, Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report, July 2010’ (3.8Mb PDF download).
Very low (1K per MW, p.a.) community fund offered. Site in AGLV.
Cummings Hill Nr. Chesters, Hawick 7 126.5m 3MW 21MW Infinis Application withdrawn
SBC Ref.14/00083/FUL.
Response group:Chesters Wind Farm Action Group (CWFAG).
Deanfoot Farm Nr. West Linton
(E315714 N652974).
1 34.2m. 0.05MW 0.05MW Greenfish Energy for Mr Andrew Struthers Consented
SBC Application Ref. 12/00950/FUL.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Denholm Hill Nr. Hawick 2 70m ? ? Fingleton White for landowner Pre-application
Dere Street Nr. Dun Law
(E344914 N657342)
6 80-100m ? ? Green Cat Renewables for Clearwind Not progressed
SBC Screening application13/00051/SCR, 17/01/2013.
Previous screening approach by Pegasus, 02/2011.
Ditcher Law Nr. Oxton
? ? ? ? Dawn Energy Not progressed
“Opinion requested 19 April 2010.”
Response group:
Save the Lammermuirs (STL)
Dowlaw Farm Nr. St Abbs
2 30m 0.03MW 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Ian Russell Consented
SBC Application Ref. No. 11/00928/FUL.
Hannevind 30kw tubines
(Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011).
Drone Hill Coldingham Moor, Nr. Coldingham (NT840676) 22 76m. 1.3MW 28.6MW Greencoat UK Wind acquired a 51.6% stake on 20/08/2014 from AES Corporation.
Originated by PM Renewables.
SBC Appl. No. 05/00425/FUL. Unan. refusal by LPA (following officer advice).
Consented on appeal, November 2008: Appeal Decision Notice.
Penmanshiel and Moorhouse applications are immediately adjacent.
Drone Hill Wind Farm Ltd - Generator ID: R00152SQSC.
Dunion Hill Nr. Denholm & Jedburgh
8 101m. 2.3MW 18.4MW Windjen Power Refused at appeal.
Appl. No. 05/02336/FUL, 13.01.06. Refused SBC 10.09.07.
Refused on appeal 9.04.09 (first refusal on appeal for SBC). See Appeal decision notice.
Dunion Hill Conservation Group
Dun Law
Nr. Soutra
26 63.5m 0.66MW 17.16MW RES
for Sc. Power
Operational (2000)
RES for Scottish Power Renewables (owned by Iberdrola Renewables).
Appl. No. 96/01130/FUL. Appr. 31.07.97
Vestas V47 0.66MW turbines.
SRO Dun Law - A - Generator ID: R00009SQSC.
Dun Law Extension
Nr. Soutra
35 75m 0.85MW 29.75MW RES
for Sc. Power
Consented 09/07. Vestas V52 turbines.
Scottish Power Renewables (owned by Iberdrola Renewables).
Dun Law Extension - Generator ID: R00125SQSC.
('Dykeraw') Highlee Hill Lestruther Farm, Nr. Chesters
(E362613 N606794)
13 “Up to 176m” 3.4MW 44.2MW RES UK. Pre-application
SBC Planning Ref. 15/01343/SCO. Scoping application 04/11/2015.
Earlshaugh Nr. Moffat
22 125m & 100m 3MW 66MW Wind Energy Ltd Resubmission
Section 36 Application July 2008. ECU Index Page.
SBC objected (Nov. 2008).
Turbines reduced to 22 with 9 reduced to 100m (July 2013) from 24, originally 36, resubmission to Scottish Govt. ECU.
Case Update – 07/11/2012 - Case sisted (suspended) to afford the applicant the opportunity to discuss outstanding objections from MOD and NATS. “Those issues remain unresolved and the case has now been returned to the Energy Consents and Deployment Unit until it is ready to proceed to public inquiry.”
Easter Housebyres Easter Housebyres, nr. Melrose
(NT53 37)
6 80m 1.3MW 7.8MW Energy4All Scotland Pre-application
SBC. Scoping opinion provided 25/03/10 (available on SBC website).
Easter Housebyres Farm Easter Housebyres, nr. Melrose
(E353208 N637663)
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Engena Ltd for Leo Group Pre-application
SBC screening application 13/00599/SCR, 16/05/2013.
EWT DW54 turbine proposed.
Easter Howlaws Nr. Greenlaw
(642860/371752 & 642792/371811)
2 47.1m. 0.1MW 0.2MW Segen Ltd. for Mr Mervyn Wallace Operational
Delegated decision, consented despite proximity to Hume Castle and SBC’s own SPG.
Application Ref. No. 10/01536/FUL. Northwind 100 turbines.
Eastlaw House Nr. Coldingham
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Maden Design for Mr John White Application withdrawn
SBC Planning Ref. 11/01117/FUL.
Edington Mains Nr. Foulden
1 86.5m. 0.8MW 0.8MW Locogen for landowner Pre-application
Screening opinion request 3.2.11.
Fala Hill Nr. Heriot 3 101m. 2.3MW 6.9MW E.ON.UK Refused
Appl. No. 04/02420/FUL.
Refused SBC 8/5/06.
Falaknowe Farm Nr. Coldingham
(E361687 N642489).
1 45.9m. 0.225MW 0.225MW Mr Andrew Hughes Application withdrawn
SBC Application Ref. 12/00496/FUL .
ACSA A27 turbine proposed.
Falaknowe Farm Nr. Coldingham
(E387122 N666997).
N/A N/A N/A N/A Electrawinds UK Ltd for Samuel White & Co. Ltd. Pre-application
SBC Appl. Ref. 12/01396/FUL 80m mast approved 10/01/2013. Height suggests 125m+ turbine(s).
SNH letter warns that any WF appl. would be problematic.
Falla Falla Farm, Nr. Falla, Jedburgh N/A N/A N/A N/A Wind Prospect Pre-application
Application for 70m mast submitted, SBC Appl. Ref. 13/00891/FUL.
Fallago Rig 1 Nr. Longformacus
48 100 & 125m. 3MW 144MW Hermes GPE & EDF. Operational
Section 36 Application 16.05.05 (Mk. I).
Mk. II - numbers reduced from 62 to 48 (01/07).
SBC objection 05.02/07
PI held in 2008 and re-opened to hear new evidence (mainly on MOD radar) in 2010.
Decision letter.
Judicial review failed May 2011.
Site owned by the Duke of Roxburghe.
EDF bought from North British Windpower (NBW) in 2012, sold majority stake to Hermes GPE 10/12/2013.

SBC Ref. 16/00141/S36" "to extend operational life of wind farm by additional 5 years".
Fallago Rig - Generator ID: R00161SQSC.
Fallago Rig II Nr. Longformacus 12 126m 3.45MW “Up to 41.4MW” EDF Application
Section 36 Application. Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (Ref. EC00003102).
SBC Ref. 16/00145/S36.
Falsidehill Farm Nr. Hume
2 67m N/A N/A SKM Enviros for landowner Pre-application
Screening application 24/04/2013. SBC Ref. 13/00502/SCR.
Fellowhills Nr. Ladykirk
1 45.2m 0.225MW 0.225MW Carleton Border Services for Mr Ian Martin, Galagate Farms. Withdrawn
SBC Planning Ref. 12/00482/FUL.
Previous application (11/01476/FUL) for 54m turbine withdrawn 14/12/11.
3rd. application, for a smaller turbine, awaited.
Forth Array
17km off St Abbs Head 70-90 163m 5MW 415MW Unclear
“Options for this developer selected site will be reviewed by The Crown Estate”.
see: ‘Fred Olsen Quit Forth Array’. (UK Offshore Wind, 19 Nov 2010).
Frogden Farm Nr. Kelso 9 100m. 1.5MW 13.5MW Wind Hydrogen Ltd. Pre-application
Scoping opinion provided 24/10/07 (available on SBC website).
Gattonside Mains Nr. Gattonside
(635392 352753)
1 54m 0.25MW 0.25MW Carleton Border Services for JSC Partnership Ltd (Pavilion Estate) Application Withdrawn
SBC Application Ref. No. 11/00938/FUL.
WES30 tubine.
Gilston Hill Farm Nr. Heriot 8 126.5m 3.4MW 28MW Gilston Hill Wind Farm Ltd (Velocita/2020 Renewables) Scoping
SBC Ref. 16/00922/SCO. 1.5km west of Dun Law WF
Previous application for 16x115m, 7 in SBC, 9 Midlothian: DPEA Ref. PPA-140-2043.
SBC Ref. 11/01680/FUL.
(Includes Cathpair)
Between Stow and Lauder
(E348338 N647361)
24 125m & 132m 3.4MW 81.6MW Community Windpower Withdrawn
Formerly 20 x 130m, expanded to include former Cathpair proposal (formerly 15 x 110m) - 21 x 132m and 3 x 125m.
S36 application to Scottish Government (over 50MW).
50m anem. mast approved (11/00904/FUL).
Community response group:
LPG - Lauderdale Preservation Group.
Glenkerie (Kingledores) Nr. Tweedsmuir
11 6 x 105m.
5 x 120m.
2MW 22MW Infinis (Novera) Operational
SBC appl. no. 07/02478/FUL. Appr. SBC: 08/09/08; Appr. Scottish Exec. 27/10/08; Final Appr. 10/09/09.
Vestas V80 turbines.
Glenkerie Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00140SQSC.
Glenkerie (Kingledores)
Nr. Tweedsmuir
(E307963 N628256).
6 100m 2.5MW 15MW Infinis (formerly Novera) Consented at appeal
Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2052.
SBC Appl. Ref.13/00552/FUL.
Greenburn Farm Nr. Reston
(E383894 N661125)
1 45m 0.225MW 0.225MW Greenviro (James Bell) for Mr W Mole Consented
SBC Application Ref. No. 11/00315/FUL, consented 09/01/2012 after reduction in size from 54m.
Changede to Norwin 225/30 turbine.
Greenvale Craigswalls, Chirnside
(NGR 845 558)
1 130m 2.5MW 2.5MW Greenvale
(Wind Direct)
SBC. “Scoping Opinion requested 22 April 2010 (provided 25 May 2010)”.
Hag Law (Stevenson Hill) West of Harehope Forest, Nr. Romanno Bridge, Peebles
(E318580 N647591)
8 100m 2.5MW 20MW West Coast Energy Appeal refused
DPEA Ref. PPA-140-2053. Considered in parallel with Cloich forest scheme, approved on same date.
Haltree Farm Nr Heriot
(E340348 N651463, E340462 N651327)
2 74m 0.8MW 1.6MW Mr D Helm Application withdrawn
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00476/FUL.
Enercon E33 turbines.
Harelaw Farm Nr. Chirnside
(E387159 N657839)
1 99.7m 0.5MW 0.5MW AAH Planning Consultants Ltd for Campbell Norman Ltd. Refused
Appeal for non-determination refused by Local Review Body. SBC Application Ref. 14/00193/FUL. Appealed same time as Chesterbank.
Hawick Nr. Pilmuir, Hawick ? ?m. ? ?MW ? Pre-application
Various sizes mooted, on Common Good Land near Williestruther Loch.
Proposed by ‘A Greener Hawick’ (see ‘Ill wind blows over turbine site proposal’, Hawick News, 11.02.10).
Haystoun House Nr. Peebles 1 61m. 0.33MW 0.33MW Mr David Coltman Refused
SBC Ref. 10/01106/FULEnercon E33 turbine. Appl. (10/01108/FUL) for 20m Proven turbine also refused (20/09/2010).
Headshaw Farm Nr. Ashkirk
(E346245 N622923)
1 36.6m 0.085MW 0.085MW Earthmill Ltd. for Mrs Nancy Hudson. Withdrawn
SBC Ref. 15/00624/FUL.
Endurance E-4660 turbine proposed..
Heathpool Nr. Eddleston
6-7 60-70m hub ? Ridge Wind Pre-application
“Pre-scoping opinion discussions, no scoping opinion requested”.
Helenslea (Lochtower Farm) Primsidemill, nr. Yetholm
(E380910 N627073).
1 48.1m. 0.1MW 0.1MW GF White for Mr James Wauchope.
Application refused
SBC Ref. 13/01361/FUL.
Previous appl. for 67.9m turbine refused by LRB after appeal for non-determination
Re-application: SBC Ref. 13/00186/FUL.
Previous Application for 2 x 45m turbines (12/00339/FUL) withdrawn 16/07/2012.
Helmburn Farm Nr.Ettrick, Selkirk
(T1 339507,623102, T2 339400,623078, T3 339293,623184)
3 59m 0.15MW 0.45MW Scene Consulting for landowner Pre-application
SBC screening ref. 14/01295/SCR.
Hexpath Farm Nr.Greenlaw 1 76m 0.5MW 0.5MW Arcus for landowner Pre-application
SBC scoping opinion supplied 10/05/11.
Highlee Hill
(AKA Dykeraw)
Lestruther Farm, Nr. Chesters
(E362613 N606794)
13 11x176m,
?MW Up to 44.85MW RES UK. Live application
SBC Application Ref. 16/00810/FUL.
Highview Caravan Park Nr. Coldingham
(E384140, N666870)
1 45m 0.225MW 0.225MW Ecocel Renewables Ltd for Mr Imtiaz Ali and Co. Application withdrawn
SBC Ref. 14/00825/FUL.
Previous application (13/01415/FUL) for 63.5m turbine also withdrawn. RRB V27 (or similar) proposed.
Hillhouse Farm Nr. Oxton
1 48.7m ?MW ?MW VG Energy for Mr Sutherland Pre-application
SBC Ref. 16/00382/SCR .
Hoardweel Farm Nr. Preston, Duns
()E379673 N660651)
1 100m. N/A N/A AAH Planning Consultants for Green Power Partnership Pre-application
SBC screening application 14/00421/SCR.
Hoprigshiels Nr. Oldhamstocks 3 115m 2.5MW 7.5MW ENTEC for BHA/CES Operating
Approved against officer recommendation (03/06/2015).
SBC Planning Ref. 11/00664/FUL.
Fund-raising enterprise by Berwickshire Housing Association (2/3), Community Energy Scotland (1/3).
Horn Burn Nr. Ayton 10 115m 2MW 20MW Energiekontor Appeal dismissed
Appealed for non-determination: Refusal Notice.
SBC Application Ref. 12/01348/FUL.
SBC refused anem. mast appl. 09/04/12 (1st. refusal of 60m or higher anem. mast by SBC in 4 years). Overturned at appeal.
Response Group - see:
Oppose Blackmains.
See also: Artist’s impression - Horn Burn turbines.
Howpark Farm Nr. Grantshouse 8 100m. 2MW 16MW Livos Energy. Application refused
SBC Application Ref. 16/00980/FUL. Refused against recommendationn, appeal expected.
Adjacent to Drone Hill WF, previous scoping appl. for 2 x 80m in 2013.
Hunt Law Nr. Heriot
(NT 36576 54148)
7 125m N/A N/A Banks Group. Pre-application
Application for 80m mast: 14/00980/FUL (29/08/2014).Previous application for 81m mast (13/01354/FUL) withdrawn.
Close to existing Carcant WF.
(‘Old Cottage’, Dun Law)
Adjacent to Dun Law WF
(E347363 N658451)
1 75m 0.5MW 0.5MW VG Energy for Mr John Hunt Consented
SBC Ref. 14/00200/FUL.Gamesa G52 turbine proposed.
Effectively yet another extension to Dun Law WF.
Hyndfordwells Farm Nr. West Linton
1 39.9m 0.08MW 0.08MW W G & E M Harrison Refused
First application “...refused on the grounds of landscape impact and MoD objection.”. Subsequent appl. for 3x27m turbines withdrawn. Third appl. for 20m approved (12/01275/FUL).
SBC Application No. 11/00217/FUL.
Hyndhope/W Alemoor
(Langhope Rig Extension)
Nr. Hyndhope. 10-15 125m. ?MW ?MW Natural Power Consultants Pre-application
SBC scoping opinion provided 24.02.09 (available on SBC website).
Inchkeith Farm Nr. Lauder
(E348283 N648645).
2 46.2m N/A N/A Wilson Fearnall Ltd for Endurance Windpower Pre-application
SBC Ref. 14/01122/SCR, 03/10/2014.
Inch Moor Land north of the B6456 close to Kettelshiel, Near Duns
(E371130 N653210)
16 126.5m 3.2MW 51.2MW Ecotricity Application withdrawn
SBC Ref. 15/00961/S36.
Sc. Govt. ECU.
Next to RES scheme at Black Rig.
Kedslie Hill Nr. Earlston
(E354272 N640744)
1 77m 0.5MW 0.5MW Pre-application
SBC screening application 13/00597/SCR, 16/05/2013.
EWT DW54 turbine proposed.
Kelloe Mains Nr. Duns
1 66.7m 0.33MW 0.33MW SAC Commercial for R & J MacDonald Refused
Application refused and confirmed at review, 20/7/11 (visual impacts).
Enercon E33 turbine.
Kennetsideheads Farm Nr. Hume
(E373617 N641461)
1 43m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Mitchell Consented
SBC application ref. 13/00583/FUL.
2.6km from Hume Castle.
NPS 100 turbine ht. reduced from 50m to 43m.
Kilrubie Nr. Eddleston
(NT22356 47597)
7 115m. 2.5-3MW 17.5-21MW Pegasus HGroup for Kilrubie Windfarm Ltd. Live application
N-D Appeal withdrawn
SBC Ref. 15/00818/FUL.
Appeal for non-determination withdrawn 01/11/2016, Case No. PPA-140-2056 (Planning Permission Appeal).
SBC’s landscape officer finds against acceptibility: “In my view, the Cloich Hills do not have the capacity for large scale (100m+) turbines and are an unsuitable area. This is supported by the Landscape Capacity and Cumulative Impact Study by Ironside Farrar (July 2013)...”.
Kinegar Quarry ‘SW of Neuk Farm’, Nr. Cockburnspath
(NT376376 669840)
2 110m. 2.5MW 5MW) S R Findlay
Wind Direct
Consented after review of refusal of Resubmission: Appl. No. 12/00221/FUL. JR refused.
Original Appl. for 2 x 130m turbines: 10/00364/FUL. Refused (15/09/10), review confirmed (21/02/11).
Kirtonhall Farm Nr. Oxton
3 70m 0.85MW 2.55MW 1Renewables Pre-application (scoping)
SBC Scoping application 21/08/2013 13/00983/SCO.
Gamesa G52 turbines to match adjacent Dun Law.
Lamberton Land SW of 6 Lamberton Holding, Lamberton
(E396078 N656840)
1 54m 0.033MW 0.033MW The Energy Workshop for e-Gen Partners Application withdrawn
SBC application ref. 13/00743/FUL.
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Langhope Rig Nr. Ashkirk
(NT412 205)
10 121.2m 1.6MW 16MW Formerly Airtricity, acquired by SSE.
Sold to GE (03/2015).
To Greencoat UK for 39.8m (24/03/2017).
SBC Appl. No. 06/01236/FUL.
Refused 07.07, consented on appeal 05.08.
Langhope Rig Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00248SQSC.
Lanton Crags Nr. Jedburgh
(363110 620712)
1 66.6mm 0.33MW 0.33MW Green Cat for Mr Alec Riding Application withdrawn
SBC Application No. 10/01489/FUL.
“The application was withdrawn because the [SBC] planning officer indicated that it would be turned down on two grounds: firstly because of the MOD’s objections [seismic interference], but also because of the perceived landscape and visual impact.” (Southern Reporter, 17/02/11)
Leadburn Mains Nr Leadburn 1 79m ?MW ?MW) Right Road Renewables for Mr Tom Cockburn Pre-application
Screening apploication to SBC, Planning Ref. 12/01444/SCR.
Leithope Nr. Carter Bar
32 115m. 2.18MW 70MW Npower Not progressed
SBC Sect 36 scoping opinion provided 22.12.05 (available on SBC website).
Lemington Farm Nr. Reston
(E385503 N664098)
2 77.9m 0.9 & 0.5MW 1.4MW GF White for Messrs. Hodge Pre-application
Screening application 13/00857/SCR (19/07/2013).
EWT 52 turbines proposed (0.9 and 0.5MW).
Lintlaw Farm Nr. Duns
2 31.5m & 37.5m 0.03MW & 0.022MW 0.052MW Mr Ian Calder Consented
SBC. Planninp Ref. No. 11/00095/FUL.
Only 150m from curtilage of cottages.
Hannevind turbines (bankrupt 11/2011).
Linton Hill House Nr. Morebattle
4 “Up to 100m” N/A N/A PI Renewables Pre-application
SBC Ref. 13/00365/SCO.
Longmuir Rigg (RowantreeII) Nr. Oxton
(E346551 N650242)
9-11 Up to 130m. 1.6-3MW 16.2-33MW RWE Innogy UK Pre-application
SBC Ref. 15/00334/SCO.
On previously refused S36 Rowantree site.
Long Park (Halkburn) Nr. Stow
19 110m. 2MW 38MW Wind Prospect Operational
Refused SBC (31/8/05), landscape impacts.
Consented on appeal: Appeal Decision Notice.
REpower MM82 turbines.
Longpark Wind Farm - Generator ID: R00119SQSC.
Long Park (Halkburn) Extension Nr. Stow 7 100 & 110m 2MW 14MW Wind Prospect for EDF. Application withdrawn
Sect 36 application (site total over 50MW) withdrawn. Scoping application to SBC 12/01274/SCO).
ECU page.
Luckieshiel Farm Nr Duns
(E374324 N665352)
1 48.5mm. 0.1MW 0.1MW) 3R Energy Solutions for Mr Duncan Shell Application withdrawn
SBC Planning Ref. 12/00680/FUL.
NPS 100-24 turbine.
Meikle Harelaw Farm Nr. Greenlaw 2 67m 0.33MW 0.66MW J Meikle Pre-application
SBC Screening Application Ref. 12/01320/SCR, (24/10/12).
2 Enercon E33 turbines proposed.
Middle Hill Nr. Tweedsmuir 11 105m 2.45MW 27MW West Coast Energy Scoped, inactive.
SBC. Scoping opinion provided 12/09/05 (available on SBC website).
Millennium Poultry Farm Cowieslinn, Peebles
(NT 23621 53089)
1 74m. ?MW ?MW SAC Consulting for Landowner Pre-application
SBC Ref. 15/00560/SCR.
Minch Moor Nr. Innerleithen 12 100m. 2MW 24MW Vattenfall Refused
Appeal refused
Application No. 03/00627/FUL, Appeal DPEA Ref. PPA-140-2021
Refused on landscape grounds.
Originated by AMEC, sold to Swedish company Vattenfall.
Minto Farm Nr. Denholm
(552829 24141)
1 71m. 0.25MW 0.25MW Pre-application
SBC, “Screening Opinion issued 10/11/10”.
Monashee 3.5km west of Grantshouse (NT801611) 6 119m 2.5MW 17.5MW RDS Element Power Application withdrawn
Re-application expected.
Withdrawn after SBC and SNH objections, 5T re-application expected - see correspondence:
SBC Planning Ref. 12/00431/FUL.
Previously scoped and dropped by West Coast Windfarms (9/03).
Response group: Save the Lammermuirs (STL).
Monashee (2) Drakesmyre, Nr. Grantshouse
(E380729 N661363)
1 77m. N/A N/A Temporis Wind Pre-application
SBC Ref 14/00921/SCR.
Moor House Farm Nr. Drone Hill WF, Coldingham Moor 2 77.9m. 0.5MW 1.0MW G F White for EFK Renewables LLP (R & K Drysdale) Consented
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00615/FUL.
EWT54 turbines proposed.
Visually, an extension to Drone Hill.
Muircleugh Nr. Lauder
7 110m 3MW 21MW Airvolution Energy for Lauder Common Good Fund. Appeal dismissed
DPEA Ref. PPA-140-2054.
SBC Planning ref. 13/00044/FUL.
Two previous applications for 2 x 125m withdrawn.
Vestas V90 2MW turbines proposed.
Community response group:
LPG - Lauderdale Preservation Group.
Muirhouse Farm Nr. Stow 2 47.8m. 0.1MW 0.2MW EcoFitter Live application
SBC Ref. 16/00733/FUL.
Chinese GHRepower turbines proposed.
Nether Huntlywood Farm Nr. Earlston
(T1 E361543, N642454; T2 E361618, N642362)
2 34.2m. 0.05MW 0.1MW Fine Energy Withdrawn
SBC Ref. 14/01139/FUL.
Endurance E3120 turbines proposed.
Nether Huntlywood Hse. Nr. Gordon
(E361687 N642489).
1 45.9m. 0.225MW 0.225MW Mr Andrew Hughes Withdrawn
SBC Application Ref. 12/00503/FUL.
ACSA A27 turbine proposed.
Nethermains Farm Nr. Chirnside 1 27.2m (31.9m) 0.02MW(0.075MW) 0.02MW(0.075MW) F, ME & RN Millar Operating
Application Ref. No. 09/01672/FUL. Consented 29/03/2010.
Changed from Vestas V17-75 to 27.2m Westwind 20kW turbine.
Newcastleton & Wauchope Forests Nr. Newcastleton 20 132m 3.4MW 68MW Partnership for Renewables/Forestry Commission Scotland Pre-application
(Scoping 01/2016).
Section 36 application with Wauchope forest for 90 x 132m turbines. SBC Ref. 16/00037/SCO.
NW of Netlingflat Steading Nr. Heriot
1 67m 0.9MW 0.09MW Caber Energy for Lord Borthwick Pre-application
SBC Screening Opinion 12/01025/SCR (15/08/2012).
Enercon E44 turbine proposed.
Newlands Sunnyside Farm Nr. Reston
(E385155 N661309)
1 32.6m. 0.06MW 0.06MW Eco wind Ltd for Mr Andrew Morgan Consented
SBC Application Ref. 13/00632/FUL).
Harbon HWT60 turbine.
Old Cambus Quarry, Cockburnspath Nr. Cockburnspath
1 66m. 0.33MW 0.33MW G F White for R & K Drysdale Pre-application
SBC “EIA Screening/Scoping Opinion sent 1.11.10 – EIA requested”
Enercon E33 proposed.
Anem. mast consented 29/10/10, Ref. 10/01177/FUL.
Old Farmhouse, Townhead Nr. Cockburnspath
1 54m 0.33MW 0.33MW Savills for Windberry Energy Operations Refused
SBC. Planning Ref. 11/01392/FUL.
Local Review Body confirmed refusal 27/08/2012.
Enercon E33 turbine proposed.
Old Townhead Nr. Cockburnspath
(E379914 N668624, E380256 N668471)
2 99.5m 2.3MW 4.6MW Muirden Energy LLP Pre-application
SBC Ref. 15/00673/SCO.
Enercon E70 turbines proposed.
Over Langshaw Nr. Galashiels
1 39.5m. 0.05MW 0.05MW Martyn Bergius Operating
Overwells Farm Nr. Jedburgh
1 40.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Carlton Border Services for Mr Patrick Fraser Refused
SBC. Planning Ref. 11/01475/FUL.
Endurance E3120 turbine proposed.
Parkgatestone Farm Nr. Stichill, Kelso
(E308699 N636124)
1 36.6m 0.085MW 0.085MW Neo Environmental Pre-application
SBC Ref. 15/00269/SCR.
Penmanshiel Farm Nr. Grantshouse
(E380520 N667379).
1 35m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Ruchlaw Produce Co Ltd Consented
Resubmission: 14/00491/FUL.Previous application (13/00071/FUL)for 49.5m turbine withdrawn 14/01/2014.
Northern Power 100/24 turbine.
Penmanshiel Moor Nr. Grantshouse
14 100m 2.5MW 37.5W RES Operating
Consented at appeal
Yet another DPEA rubber-stamp approval: Decision letter (PDF download).
Applied 27/10/2011. Appealed for non-determination 28/09/2012.
DPEA Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2035
SBC Planning Ref. 11/01464/FUL.
Pilmuir Farm Nr. Coldingham
(E389831 N667874 & E389914 N667697)
2 35m 0.1MW 0.2MW Urban Wind Ltd Application withdrawn
SBC Application Ref. 14/00084/FUL.
NPS100-24-23 turbines proposed.
Pines Burn Land SW of Lurgiescleuch, Bonchester Bridge
(E354131 N606062)
12 7 x 158.5m, 5 x 130m. N/A ca. 36MW Energiekontor Live application
SBC Ref. 17/00010/FUL.
Press Mains Farm Nr. Coldingham
(NGR 886 651)
1 31m. N/A N/A Passim Developments for P & E Edmondson Operating
Application Ref. No. 10/00626/FUL. Consented 16/12/2010.
Height reduced from 61m.
Press Mains - Generator ID (FiT): G01773NWSC.
Primrosehill Farm Nr. Preston 1 67m. 0.33MW 0.33MW Arcus for e-Gen Refused
SBC Application Ref. 11/00891/FUL.
Refused on visual impacts.
Enercon E33 proposed.
Queenscairn Farm Nr. Stichill, Kelso
(E372057 N639943)
2 99.5m 2.3MW 4.6MW Livos Energy Ltd for landowner Pre-application
SBC Screening Application 13/00189/SCR (18/02/2013).
Enercon E70 turbine proposed.
Quixwood Nr. Grantshouse 13 100m & 115m 2.3MW 29.9MW Bought by Irish asset management co. NTR from Banks Renewables. Operating
SBC Appl. Ref. 11/01662/FUL.
Consented on Convenor’s vote, 6:5.
Renton Barns Farm Nr. Grantshouse(T1: 383486, 666010; T2: 383581, 665885) 2 44.6m 0.25MW 0.5MW SAC Consulting for Mr Ian Flemming. Application withdrawn
SBC Appl. Ref. 14/00963/FUL.Previous Screening Appl. for 79m turbine: Screening Appl. 13/00133/SCR.
Rink Farm Nr. Galashiels
1 c. 35m. N/A N/A for Messrs J M & R Bayne Application withdrawn
Withdrawn due to MOD objection (Eskdalemuir Seismological Recording Station).
Re-application threatened.
SBC Appl. Ref. 11/00652/FUL
Rowantree Nr. Fountainhall
21 125m. 3MW 63MW RWE NPower (16/0572014).
Section 36 application (over 50MW), Energy Consents Unit website. Rare SG refusal on landscape impacts.
Rumbleton Farm Nr. Greenlaw
(E368964 N645598)
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Maden Design for Mr Hames Barrie. Operating
Consented> (11/12/2012). Planning Ref. 12/00678/FUL.
Endurance E 3102 turbine.
Rumbletonlaw Farm Nr. Greenlaw 2-5 100m N/A N/A J Meikle Pre-application
Two screening applications for same site, 5x100m turbines: 12/01319/SCR, (24/10/12).
2x100m turbines: 12/01317/SCR
Rumbletonrig Nr. Greenlaw
(E368238 N647143)
9 100m 2.5MW 22.5MW TCI Renewables Pre-application
SBC Scoping Application Ref. 13/00213/SCO.
Selkirk,North Common Selkirk 3 102m. 2.3MW 6.9MW Selkirk Regeneration Co. Abandoned
Eventually abandoned, writing off 100,000. One of 2 turbine array site options considered by SRC. Development on Common Good land had already been excluded by the Common Good administrators. SRC website.
SBC scoping opinion provided 24/06/09 on larger scheme (available on SBC website).
140,000 development loan by the Sc. Govt. (for possible 11K annual earnings!)
Sell Moor Nr. Oxton
19 115m. 2.5MW 47.5MW RDC Refused
Appl. No. 04/00350/FUL.
South Mains Farm
(Carlops Hill)
Nr. West Linton
1 86.5m 0.8MW 0.85MW Locogen for Mr John Aitken Application withdrawn
SBC planning Ref. 11/01282/FUL.
Enercon E53 turbine proposed.
SBC advise “only a small scale turbine” would be supported.
South Slipperfield Farm Nr. West Linton
(E3121965 N651469)
1 43.2m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Dykes Application withdrawn
SBC. Planning Ref. 12/01190/FUL.
Soutra Hill Farm SE of Soutra Hill Farm, Soutra Mains
(E345549 N658605)
1 79m 0.5-0.9MW 0.5-0.9MW Arcus for landowner Pre-application
SBC Screening Application 13/01323/SCR (19/11/2013).
Spurlens Rig Nr. Leadburn
6 125m 2MW 12MW Lomond Energy/
Ventus VCT
Spurlens Rig Woodland Nr. Leadburn
(NT25310 53825)
1 34.2m 0.1MW 0.1MW Capture Energy for landowner Pre-application, Screening
SBC Ref. 15/01037/SCR. Northern Power 100 turbine proposed.
Standhill Nr. Denholm
1 74m 0.5MW 0.5MW Greenspan Agency for Mr Jim Shanks Refused 01/04/2013
SBC planning ref. 12/00345/FUL.
Previous appl. 11/01096/FUL withdrawn, 05/01/2012.
Response group:
Minto Hills Conservation Group, Email:
St Andrews Nursing Home Hawick
(E349924 N616494)
1 102m. 0.5MW 0.5MW Life Long Energy for St Andrews Nursing Home. Refused
SBC Application Ref. 13/01447/FUL.
EWT D54 turbine proposed.
Stichill Home Farm Land SW of Kincraig Hume.
Nr. Kelso
(E369760 N641136)
1 36.085m 0.1MW 0.1MW VG Energy for Mr Andrew Darling Refused
SBC Application Ref. 12/01185/FUL. Norwind 100 turbine.
Stuartslaw Farm Nr. Chirnside
(655501 384698).
1 54m. 0.25MW 0.25MW Gretna Green Group Ltd Refused
SBC Application Ref. (available on 11/00700/FUL).
WES30 turbine.
Sunnyside Farm Nr. Reston
(E384358 N661787).
1 45.9m. 0.225MW 0.225MW Intelligent Land Investments Ltd Withdrawn
SBC Application Ref. 12/00514/FUL.
ACSA A27 turbine proposed.
Sunwick Nr. Hutton 5 145m 2MW 10MW Veritas Energy Not progressed
SBC. “Screening request 18/06/2009. Opinion provided 17/07/2009.” (available on SBC website).
70m anem. mast approved 03/03/2010 (Applic. Ref. 10/00070/FUL)
Swinton Quarter Farm Nr. Duns
(E384869 N647536)
1 42m 0.1MW 0.1MW Mint Energy for Mr Joel Prentice Refused
Review of refusal requested.
SBC. Planning Ref. 12/01079/FUL.
Refused on landscape and visual amenity impacts.
Thirlestane Farm Nr. Lauder
(E356540 N648327).
1 45.5m. 0.225MW 0.225MW Laurence Gould Partnership for Mr Tom Barr Operating
Consented (12/08/2013). SBC Application Ref. 12/00646/FUL).
Previous applications (11/00913/FUL & 12/00433/FUL) withdrawn.
ACSA A27 turbine proposed.
Thirlestane Farm 2 Nr. Lauder
(E356540 N648326).
1 46.3m. 0.05MW 0.05MW Scaled Energy Ltd for Mr Tom Barr Operating
Consented (19/12/2013). SBC Application Ref. 13/01190/FUL.
Endurance E-3120 turbine proposed.
Thorndykes Farm Nr. Westruther
(E361901 N647823)
1 102m 0.5MW 0.5MW AAH Planning Consultants Ltd for R H Tait & Sons Refused
Confirmed by LRB.
SBC Application Ref. 14/00236/FUL.
EWT DW52 /54 turbines and Enercon E 53 turbines considered.
Toddleburn Nr. Oxton
12 110m. & 125m. 2.3MW 27.6MW SSE Operational
Siemens 2.3 turbines. Refused SBC (31/8/05)- landscape impacts.
Consented on appeal (01.07): Appeal Decision Notice.
Toddleburn Windfarm - Generator ID: R00120SQSC.
Upper Kidston Farm Nr. Peebles
Max. 10 ? ? Volkswind Pre-application
SBC. “Pre-scoping opinion discussions, no scoping opinion requested”.
Wauchope & Newcastleton Forests Nr. Newcastleton 70 132m 3.4MW 238MW Partnership for Renewables/Forestry Commission Scotland Pre-application
(Scoping 01/2016).
Section 36 application with Wauchope forest for 90 x 132m turbines. SBC Ref. 16/00037/SCO.
Weetfoot Bog Nr. Duns
(E367737, N652580)
10 115m 2.5MW 25MW West Coast Energy Not progressed
SBC Ref. 14/01038/SCO.
Mast application: 14/00796/FUL .
Neighbouring proposals at Inch Moor and Black Rig remain.
Weirburn House Abbey St Bathens (NT770618) 2 54m 0.25MW 0.50MW Greenviro for Mr William Dobie Operational
SBC. Application Ref. 11/00314/FUL. Approved
Wester Housebyres Nr. Melrose 1 67m. 0.33MW 0.33MW Green Cat for landowner Pre-application
SBC “Screening opinion provided 24/12/10”
West Mains Nr. Thirlestane, Lauder 1 34.6m 0.05MW MW Laurence Gould Partnership for Mark Runciman Operational
SBC Application Ref. 12/00323/FUL. Consented 30/10/2012.
West Mains 2 Nr. Thirlestane, Lauder
(E355686 N648043)
1 34.4m 0.05MW MW Ericht Planning & Property Consultants for Mark Runciman Approved
SBC Ref. 14/01169/FUL. Site 93.6m from existing turbine.
West Morriston Farm Nr. Earlston
(E359782 N641259).
1 47.1m 0.05MW 0.05MW Myriad CEG for Hamish Morison Farming Consented
SBC Application Ref. 13/00312/FUL.
Previous appl. (12/00933/FUL) for 47.1m withdrawn.
Turbine changed to NP60, down-rated to 50kW.
Whim Moss Lamancha, Nr. West Linton 3 100m 1.5MW 4.5MW West Coast Energy Pre-application
Screening opinion issued 4th May 2011.”.
Whitelaw Brae Nr. Glenbreck, Tweedsmuir 14 133.5m 3.6MW 50.4MW 2020 Renewables. Live application
SBC Ref. 15/00020/S36.
Masts (3x80m): 14/00085/FUL.
Section 36 application to Scottish Government.Objection from SBC.
Public hearing at Tweedsmuir village hall, from 23 August 2016.
Whiterig Nr. Lamberton
2 45m 0.25MW 0.5MW Locogen for Tellus Energy Refused
SBC Application Ref. 12/01333/FUL.
Whitfield Farm West Linton
(E317031 N64166)
2 44.5m 0.25MW 0.5MW Neo Environmental for Mr James Weir Application withdrawn
SBC Ref. 14/01154/FUL.
Previous screening for 1x77m turbine.
Whitmuir Farm Nr. Lamancha
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Mr Pete Ritchie, Whitmuir Organics Refused
SBC Application Ref. 12/00986/FUL.
Endurance 50Kw turbine proposed.
Previous appl. (11/00787/FUL) withdrawn.
Three 15.5m turbines already approved (25/02/11).
Whitslaid Farm Nr. Lauder 2 37.58m 0.03MW; 0.06MW Maden Design for Mr Douglas Younger Operational
Consented (08/02/2011). SBC Application No. 10/01382/FUL
Hannevind 14D 30kW turbine.
Hannevind declared insolvent 21 Oct. 2011.
Whitton Nr. Morebattle
5 110m. “up to 3MW” up to 15MW Vattenfall Refused
SBC Ref. SBC Appl. No. 09/01162/FUL.
Application refused 09/07/2013, Local Review Body confirmed refusal, 17/02/2014.
Project originated by AMEC, sold on to Vattenfall.
Windshiel Farm Nr. Duns 1 66.6m. 0.33MW 0.33MW Savills for landowner Pre-application
SBC Screening opinion sought 04/07/11.
Windy Edge Braidlee & Sundhope farms, nr. Newcastleton 9 125m N/A N/A Infinis Consented at appeal.
Appeal Ref. PPA-140-2055.
Local application refused 6:2, following officer recommendation.
SBC Planning Ref. 13/00789/FUL.
Local Response Group: Hermitage Action Group(HAG).
Windy Law Nr. Oxton
? ? ? ? Dawn Energy Not progressed
“Opinion requested 19 April 2010.”
Response group:
Save the Lammermuirs (STL)
Woodend Farm Nr. Gavinton
1 34.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Richard Amos Ltd for Mr John Seed Refused
SBC Planning Ref. 11/00849/FUL.
Endurance E-3120 turbine.
Woodheads Farm Nr. Lauder 1 40.2m 0.05MW 0.05MW Carleton Border Services for Mr Gary Davison Refused
SBC planning ref. 13/00387/FUL.
Previous application 11/01652/FUL (19/12/11) withdrawn.
Endurance E-3120 turbine.
Woodheads Farm (Greenlaw) Nr. Greenlaw
(E373163 N648949).
1 41.8m 0.1MW 0.1MW Smith & Garratt for Marchmont Farms Ltd Consented
SBC Application Ref. 13/01347. NPS100 turbine proposed.
Yetholm Mains Yetholm
2 71m 0.275MW 0.55MW Fisher German Pre-application
SBC Screening opinion (01/4/11)
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